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In the coming economy, M&A strategies emerging as a big deal

CFO Insights

Australian CFOs are in the thick of conceiving and executing plans for thriving in the new economic landscape – with M&A poised to play a central role.

Deloitte surveyed senior finance executives of major Australian listed companies and over 90% of respondents indicated they will continue with M&A and, in some cases (39%), accelerate their deal activities over the next 12 months. In addition, 43% of CFOs who responded agreed M&A is one of the main opportunities they’re considering to assist their COVID-19 recovery.

Unique times create unique opportunities – and in this issue of CFO Insights, we’ll consider the role M&A could play in an emerging post-COVID-19 business strategy. How might M&A actually fit in as a response to the COVID-19 crisis? How will such deals be conducted—and structured—in the disruptive era of social distancing? Plus, what additional outbreak-related risks and uncertainties need to be factored into the processes, terms, or timing of any deal?

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