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Retail Forecasts

A Deloitte Access Economics publication

Enhance your retail strategy and performance with our forecasts of retail sales.

Forecasting can play a pivotal role in long-term strategic planning. Armed with detailed forecast data and expert analysis on issues such as retail spending trends, you can gain valuable insight into the major changes likely to impact your business over the coming years. That can lead to more informed investment decisions and enhanced business performance.

Produced quarterly, Retail Forecasts is tailored for the retail industry and contains an analysis of the important economic factors driving retail demand, along with forecasts of future trends. These include consumers’ changing preferences and needs, household income and wealth, savings/borrowing and broader influences on the retail outlook such as interest rates and government policy.

You gain the key forecast data you need to understand national and state retail performance, retail category spending trends and consumer income and saving trends.

As our forecasts incorporate economic indicators and historical data, they can act as a benchmark for retail sales performance. That means the insights we provide on retail spending trends can provide context for performance changes in your retail business over time, as well as help you plan ahead.

Key benefits

  • Expert analysis and forecast data to help you understand the retail trends likely to affect your strategic plans and investment decisions
  • Key forecast data for national and state/territory retail performance, including seven categories of retail spending at a national level, updated quarterly to ensure accuracy and relevance

Retail Forecasts’ principal author is David Rumbens. David is a senior partner in Deloitte Access Economics’ macroeconomics practice, and has over two decades of experience advising senior government officials and leaders in Australia’s corporate sector on the economic environment, risks and strategy.

Pricing Options                                                                                    

  • One-off (Access to the latest release only) Inc GST - $1,399    Buy     
  • Annual Subscription (Four releases per year) Inc GST - $2,799  Buy
  • Tailored retail  analysis for your organisation  - Price on request                                                            


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