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Cyber Smart: Enabling APAC businesses

A report for VMware

In this report for VMware, Deloitte Access Economics analyses cyber exposure, preparedness and economic opportunity across 12 economies in APAC.

Digital businesses perform better. Yet, three in five businesses in the Asia Pacific region have put off digitisation out of fear of cyber attacks. The challenge for both businesses and governments is to make sure that they are protected and prepared.

Businesses who are more certain that cyber risks would be effectively managed are more willing to embrace technology. This research finds that improving preparedness could increase APAC GDP by $145 billion in the long term and spur the growth of what is already a $22 billion industry. 

Looking at government frameworks and organisational capability across the region, the report finds that nations with higher exposure to cyber risks tend to be more prepared. More developed economies are the most exposed. But with an average index score of 56 out of a best practice of 100, APAC’s preparedness must improve.

Government can support cyber smarts. However, businesses should adopt best practice, and act today to better prepare for cyber risks, and capture the benefits of digital in the future.

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