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Virtual Employee Experiences

We combine our learnings and tested virtual technology portfolio to enable you to seamlessly transition between the physical and virtual environments and experience minimal disruption in your establishment of a resilient and sustainable workplace of the future; for your both your employees and your customers.

Equipping and empowering your employees to focus, engage, create and communicate; to remain effective and productive in a virtual environment. 

The Virtual Office 

Our Services:

Empower your employees and customers to focus, engage, create and communicate in inspiring virtual workshops. We design with the participants experience front of mind to ensure we deliver successfully on the desired outputs

  • Virtual workshop design and facilitation
  • Participants accountability and engagement
  • Real-time tangible outputs. 

Equipping your employees with everything they need to remain effective and productive when virtual. We explore the strategic context of the organisation, understand the needs of each stakeholder (work, worker, workplace) and define the key requirements and functionality of the Virtual Office Hub.

  • Enable calibration with a single source of truth for virtual ways of working
  • Equip virtual workers with everything they need to remain autonomous, effective and productive when virtual
  • Facilitate knowledge exchange with a central hub to share challenges, insights and best practices
  • Foster a virtual community, to drive a snow-ball effect of positive outcomes.

Creating inspiring keynote, conferences and virtual events. We drive the narrative, storytelling, experience, engagement, production and content. We can help you plan and produce live or pre-recorded digital events or experiences to create the broadest reach, deepest engagement using the most effective channels.

We bring best-of-breed approaches to enable organisations to uplift their L&D capability in quick, agile sprints.

  • Outsource key L&D activities
  • Prioritisation of critical learning interactions for virtual environments
  • Strengthened integration of learning technologies
  • Curation / creation of critical pathways focused on role-based capability learning
  • Facilitate training for your instructors to ensure they are able to engage with their audiences, and embrace the use of online collaboration platforms
  • Design, build and deliver high-impact, commercial grade content/virtual training specific to your organisation (videos, podcasts, interactive films…).