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Program leadership

Strategy into action through programs and projects

We have a long history of supporting our clients to develop and deliver effective corporate strategies. Learn more about how we can help you realise better business value from your most complex and critical programs.

Capital and corporate programs are the primary means for organisations to deliver their business strategy. While the expenditure on these programs is both significant and an increasing proportion of business expenditure, it is actually the failure to deliver programs’ expected outcomes and business benefits in a timely fashion that impact an organisation’s ability to manage their expenditure and the ever-increasing pace of change.

Put simply… Well delivered programs equal better business while poorly delivered programs will result in a fall in profits.

Deloitte has a long history of supporting our clients to develop and deliver effective corporate strategies and turn policy into practical delivery. Our dedicated and experienced Program Leadership team can help you realise better business value from your most complex and critical programs. We

Program leadership

Portfolio management

Executing strategies and policies through programs/projects that balance the release of value, cost, equity, risk appetite, key stakeholder expectations and outcomes. Learn more

Transformation services

Developing and executing complex, multi-dimensional transformational programs and operating reforms. Learn more

Lifecycle services

Specialist program services related to: assessing feasibility and requirements, developing business cases, gateway reviews, assessing program risk, and realising benefits. Learn more

Program management

Assisting the development of programs and multiple projects (including knowledge transfer) with specialised capacity, capability, methodology and infrastructure. Learn more

Interim project management resource

Assisting in the development of specific projects (including knowledge transfer) with specialised capacity, capability, methodology and infrastructure. Learn more

Program assurance

Providing review and/or remediation reporting on projects and programs to help assure management and boards that projects are delivering the expected value. Learn more

Portfolio management should optimise the balance between delivery, the release of value, cost, equity, risk appetite, key stakeholder expectations and proposed outcomes.

Deloitte helps our clients turn their corporate strategy or public policy into a defined set of program and project activities. We help clients to develop and maintain a corporate focus on optimising their portfolio of projects and programs by having a broad and long-term view of portfolio delivery that responds effectively to changing commercial conditions and business objectives.

Through the development of enterprise portfolio management, we can support an organisation’s ability to continuously:

  • Anticipate, evaluate, prioritise and monitor the demands being made on vital resources
  • Track trends in the delivery of business benefits
  • Re-evaluate/re-prioritise efforts based on changing business objectives.

Enterprise portfolio management

Project prioritisation

Project and program business cases

Sponsor development

Resource allocation

Enterprise risk management

Business benefits realisation.

More and more, our clients are coming to us with high profile strategic initiatives that have unusually complex organisational, technical or geographical components. Often, the clients need to make far-reaching organisational changes. The uniqueness of their objectives and/or the diversity of these initiatives’ scope means that they represent both a generational change and a unique set of challenges for their organisation.

We recognise that identifying and implementing the right team, with the relevant experience and access to a broad range of skills, is a critical differentiator between failure and success for these programs.

Our experienced practitioners have solved many unique challenges and helped our clients design, develop and execute their most complex, multi-dimensional transformation programs and operating reforms, while realising organisational benefits and business value.

Our transformation leaders have access to a deep multi-disciplinary capability through the world’s largest network of consulting professionals. We can apply their knowledge, experience and vision to help you deliver on your objectives to benefit your organisation.

This network includes practitioners from the following areas:

Deloitte Access Economics – for economic insights into strategic business cases

Technology advisory – for IT-related issues

Operations excellence – for business process performance improvementRisk services – to support assurance work related to key programs. 

Risk services – to support assurance work related to key programs. 

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Increasing levels of organisational maturity across Australian business and industry has led to greater standardisation of projects and programs and of how they are resourced and delivered.

Deloitte practitioners are experienced in helping clients to develop appropriate standards across their program portfolio and to deliver individual projects in accordance with those standards.

The table below is an example of key lifecycle services for a construction program: 

Deloitte supports our clients in developing their program management approaches across their program portfolios. As part of this, we can provide experienced professionals to initiate, sustain and transfer leading practice program management skills and knowledge.

We approach the development of program management through a consistent framework focusing on the following activities:

  • Developing a program management leadership group to translate policies and strategy into project activities
  • Promoting consensus on a unified governance and risk approach which applies common measures and reporting across the program
  • Embedding a universal set of program processes, competencies and tools across the program
  • Identifying employees with relevant skills and experience to manage programs, while supplementing, as necessary, any gaps in capability with appropriate specialist advisers
  • Developing of an integrated and interactive planning and delivery methodology and process which helps manage demand, activity and resource
  • Embedding a standard program reporting lifecycle providing a common language for the program.

Deloitte has developed our Intelligent PMO approach, consisting of six distinct, but interconnected, dimensions to provide project assurance across the project lifecycle:

  • Program design
  • Outcome management
  • Program support
  • Risk and issue management
  • Planning and progress reporting
  • Stakeholder management.

This approach helps management avoid common causes of project failure and can be adapted to all industries or project types.

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At Deloitte, we recognise there are times that our clients simply need experienced resource support for their projects. Key drivers for these short-term needs include:

  • Shortfall of resources

            Opportunities or projects requiring immediate short-term/transitional             resourcing

  • Independence/Confidence/Risk

            An objective resource is required to meet audit and assurance review             requirements

  • Exemplar Projects

            Experienced resources needed to deliver an exemplar project for the                wider organisational project maturity development

  • Skills Transfer

           Experienced resource required to embed and transfer repeatable                       systems and processes

  • Staff Focus

            Interim resource required for additional non-core business projects to             maintain staff focus

  • Crisis Projects

            Current resources are lacking the experience or expertise needed to             deliver an urgent project

  • Geographical/Cultural Requirement

            Mobile resources required for overseas delivery

  • Linked Service

            Cross-competency resource required for effective delivery (i.e.             Corporate  Finance and Organisational Strategy)

  • Consistency in a Changing Environment

            External resources required to provide consistency during a major             change (e.g. during a cost reduction program).

We have access to a large pool of experienced professionals, both within our staff and our trusted contractors, who can fulfil the following roles:

  • Project Management
  • Risk Management
  • PMO Management
  • Quality Management
  • Change Management
  • Communications/Stakeholder Management.

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Effective governance and control of programs is essential to the successful delivery of corporate objectives. Organisations need to have appropriate frameworks in place to provide a suitable level of assurance, which increases the level of control, reduces the program and operational risk of executing programs and provides senior management with greater confidence in the probability of successfully achieving the intended results.

At Deloitte, we believe that program assurance is an integral part of program management. Using a range of leading practice methodologies and diagnostic tools, our experienced program practitioners provide senior management with a number of services to help identify issues, risk and improvement opportunities for individual programs or a portfolio of programs, including:

  • Independent health-checks on a program
  • Stage gate reviews
  • Assessments of program management maturity
  • Remediation reporting and/or
  • Ongoing performance monitoring report. 


Program Assurance Strategy and Reporting
Point In Time Reviews (Health-checks)
Enterprise Risk Management
Gateway Reviews
Audit and Assurance Strategy
Program Monitoring Portfolio Assessment.

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