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Process Bionics

Unlocking the value of data to drive operational excellence

Organisations have improved at capturing and organising data over the past decade, however a persistent challenge has remained: What to do with it?

The right path is never black and white. But it is clear that as organisations are coming to grip with technology, there is increasing due diligence taking place to ensure transformation happens in the right areas of the organisation, with the best intervening play.

What organisations do to build a true understanding of how they work could be the difference between right-sized innovation and underwhelming transformation.

Process Bionics is a family of techniques relating to data science and process management to support analysis of operational processes.

It helps organisations accelerate visualisation and reconstruction of business processes and embed continuous optimisation within the enterprise to deliver tangible and sustainable value.

So, what next? Pulling the trigger

There are clear areas where the use of Process Bionics creates clear opportunities for advantage. Typical stages to embed Process Bionics as part of your organisation include.

Design and develop a proof of concept or proof of value that is focused on a data driven approach to rapidly build a digital twin of a target process. Generate one-time insights to identify the inconsistencies and variations to business processes

Expand the proof of concept to other business processes and/ or functions. Integrate process bionics platform with core enterprise applications or data warehouses to enable real-time insights. Develop dashboards to provide users with insight that improve operational efficiency, standardisation and control

Enable your organisation to transform to an insights driven organisation. Align with digital, platform and cloud investments. Shift organisation culture and efficiency through always on insights and control. Monitor and improve your business processes through fact-based insight.