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Intelligent Delivery Platform

A single digital platform to manage digital transformation initiatives

Today’s enterprises are increasingly challenged to realise value from their digital transformation investments. 

A single digital platform

Today’s enterprises are increasingly challenged to realise value from their digital transformation investments. These mega projects aim to deploy innovative technology to optimise businesses for their stakeholders. However, the implementation of these technologies has traditionally not been supported by equally capable tools. This creates a gap between the executive vision for return on investment and the practical value that can be delivered by the teams working to implement that vision. Deloitte’s Intelligent Delivery Platform (IDP) is a single digital platform to manage digital transformation initiatives by tracking, streamlining, and connecting your digital transformation programme. In the same way that your digital transformation optimises your business to deliver value for your stakeholders the IDP optimises your digital transformation programme to deliver more value with less risk.

Track. Connect. Optimise.

Deloitte’s Intelligent Delivery Platform helps your organisation optimise value and mitigate risk in your most complex and critical initiatives

The difference IDP makes

IDP provides the full range of project management capabilities common to business transformation programmes, so you and your teams don’t need to use numerous tools to enable and track their work. This includes programme management, agile and waterfall management, test and release tracking, and dependency management.

Being a single real-time source of truth for all project related artifacts, team members can seamlessly work together in one system. Since the work is tracked within IDP you can produce project status reports, executive level programme reporting, as well as team-level reporting based on the function and roles that team members perform, without having to copy updates or process data.

IDP streamlines processes that might typically require multiple inputs and meetings to complete, into a single workflow. With built-in reminders and notifications, IDP will automatically engage the right people at the right time, whether it be a user story, a defect, or a project decision. It also has an integrated NLP engine that allows your team to reduce duplicate work, and spend more time being productive.

Capabilities included in IDP

Track your hybrid and waterfall project plans, large programme plans and interdependencies between your projects. Import MS Project files for a quick start.

Manage your project artifacts in a state-driven model, that allows you to assign them and track their lifecycle without needing multiple weekly meetings for them.

Divide your shared resources with a demand-based resource planning structure to allow flex between large programmes and reduce risk of overallocation of resources.

Define escalation and approval procedures that can standardise the delivery for the rest of your team.

Plan your projects how you run your business. You can plan sprints, run through agile ceremonies, or define design and testing phases in a more waterfall or hybrid approach.

Create user stories or requirements depending on your standards, and link directly to project artifacts as your project progresses.

Conduct and built unit tests directly in the tool, as well as plan larger testing cycles for external user testing, and track coverage and progress against other artifacts.

Create and manage the defect lifecycle, incorporate them into stories and sprints as required, and track how they block testers.

Track dependencies between tasks, and even between project plans to monitor the progress of tasks outside of your control.

Easy to generate status report that show the status of artifacts, and automatically pulls in relevant project tasks and escalations to be discussed.

Define financial and non-financial benefits per project and programme level, as well as define and track them against your project plan.

Build reports for projects, and use pre-built dashboards for agile, project, and testing. Build ad hoc reports using system data at any point.

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Roy Justus is part of the Enterprise Technology and Performance team within Deloitte focusing on the development of digital solutions leveraging ServiceNow to address challenges across industries. He is one of a select group of architects holding the Certified Master Architect designation from ServiceNow.


Dejan leads Deloitte’s relationship with ServiceNow globally. He is focused on helping companies transform service experience for their employees and their clients. In his role, he engages with clients across industries and geographies to drive a sustained change around how service experience is envisioned, designed, implemented and sustained.

Dejan also leads Deloitte Canada efforts focused on supporting clients through their technology enabled business transformation.


Theo Bennett is part of the Enterprise Technology and Performance team within Deloitte and is responsible for the managing the software development lifecycle of Deloitte’s IDP asset as the Product Lead.

He has experience implementing and managing the delivery of systems as well as advising on tech strategy, governance, and the design, application, and execution of enterprise architecture frameworks.

He is a Certified System Administrator with ServiceNow and has 4 years experiencing working closely with ITSM and ITBM modules within the platform.


Ramsha Almas is a Senior Product Lead within the Enterprise Technology and Performance practice. She is working to develop innovative products for Deloitte and Deloitte’s clients leveraging the ServiceNow platform. She has consulted for clients in developing service management solutions, and innovative user experiences across the Finance, Technology, Telecommunications, Oil and Gas, and Retail industries.