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Industrial Redesign & Innovation

It’s time to connect, build and accelerate the industries of the future.

The world around us is changing. At Deloitte, we are dedicated to helping the built environment change with it – to be more sustainable and economically resilient.

We focus on full-stack transformation across existing and emerging industries through world-class advisory, design consulting, technology implementation and product lifecycle management. It’s these capabilities that have seen entire value chains transform across industries like defence, transport, manufacturing and energy.

Backed by our cutting-edge services and solutions, how will you shape a more incredible tomorrow?

Industry Strategy and Ecosystems

Our Industry Strategy and Ecosystems team shapes the strategic direction of evolving and emerging industries. We support organisations and their ecosystems to understand and respond to prevailing global challenges, creating outcomes that will leave the world in a better place than we found it.

Value Chain Transformation

It’s crucial to have an in-depth understanding of your value chain so you can focus on what generates the best outcomes. With offerings such as Illuminate, we build resilience through digital intelligence that provides visibility of your supply chains, improving transparency across multiple tiers. We help you leverage big data analytics and augmented intelligence to generate comprehensive supplier network maps, identifying opportunities and risk exposures, and turning them into actionable, industry-specific insights. 

Digital Twins and Simulation

Reimagine your ecosystems into a dynamically run and operated network by converting the physical to digital with our digital twin, simulation and machine learning technologies. Through Optimal Reality, we help you understand your business – of now and of the future – so you can control and action change in real-time, with tangible results.

Product Strategy and Lifecyle Management

We create smart, safe and sustainable products along the digital thread so you can manage, simulate and improve assets, from business needs through to disposal. Using our product lifecycle management expertise, we create the digital backbone you need to be a business of today and tomorrow.

Industry 4.0 and Emerging Industrial Technology

This is where we integrate and accelerate the industrial technology needed to improve our world by connecting technology, ecosystems, and reality together, in real-time.