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Simplify change, maximise value

ChangeScout demystifies organisational change management, offering a structured, organised and seamless experience to help your change managers make smart decisions. The result: reduced manual effort, faster delivery, improved adoption and a better change experience for your stakeholders and organisation.

Change has changed

Organisations need to think beyond adoption and focus more on true realisation. We believe the power of data can help you get there.

Built on the Salesforce platform and leveraging best-in-class security and scalability, ChangeScout combines cutting-edge technology and Deloitte’s proprietary change management methodology to transform the way change is delivered.

With built-in automation, preconfigured solutions, and advanced analytics capability, ChangeScout helps you optimise your change programme and meet your transformation goals.

ChangeScout combines cutting-edge technology and Deloitte’s unique change methodology to transform the way change is delivered.

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ChangeScout combines cutting-edge technology and Deloitte’s unique change methodology to transform the way change is delivered.

Leverage AI, analytics and key metrics throughout the transformation to effectively manage risk, generate insights, assess priorities, accelerate behavioural change and track progress and readiness. Organisations that use data and insights to assess and manage change can strategically target their effort where it matters most to maximise adoption.


Impacts across audiences and points in time to understand areas of high change concentration.


Impact mitigation progress and gaps to more effectively plan and execute change activities across deployments.


Readiness and adoption over time using analytics.


Gaps in change activity planning through intelligent dashboards and key metrics.

Use standard, prebuilt training, communications and stakeholder accelerators that leverage decades of change leadership, eliminating the need to start from scratch and allowing change experts to focus on the most strategic activities in targeted areas (available for S/4 finance and scaling to other solution sets).

Impacted processes

Library of commonly affected processes for S/4HANA modules to accelerate impact identification and planning.

Changes and impacts

Repository of typical changes and impacts across processes for S/4HANA implementations available to accelerate mitigation activities and risk management.

Stakeholder communities

Commonly affected audiences predefined and preloaded into ChangeScout to leverage as a starting point.

With ChangeScout’s ability to automate and accelerate activities, teams are able to drive change management consistently across complex programmes.

Change tools like ChangeScout use change impact data to automate and accelerate the creation of key deliverables, shifting effort from manual creation to strategic action.

Programs that track and manage stakeholder impact and adoption progress across deployments with a single source of truth can deliver consistently to achieve sustained change across the portfolio.

Understand how employees and departments are being affected and communicated to across concurrent deployments to target messaging and avoid fatigue and disruption.

Single source of truth around the world with teams leveraging the same foundation of HRIS data, as well as learning from and building upon each other’s work.

Cohesive and consistent data enables executive-level dashboards and reporting to keep everyone informed anywhere, in real time.

Visibility into how and where projects or deployments may be operating inconsistently to allow for proactive alignment.

ChangeScout: Transform the way change is delivered

What clients are saying


"Employees were receiving 20+ project emails per week. ChangeScout streamlined, targeted and measured communications and reduced project emails to one per week."

–Global pharmaceutical organisation


"ChangeScout allowed us to use numerous pieces of visualised change information to drive meaningful conversation about the best ways to drive change and maximise impact."

–Global organisation undergoing finance transformation


"We used ChangeScout to closely track stakeholders and we were able to tighten communications among global teams, leading to stronger stakeholder engagement and setting well-informed goals and priorities for stakeholders."

–Global manufacturing organisation

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