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Enhancing Supply Network Resilience

Using augmented intelligence and machine learning, organisations can rapidly and autonomously gain visibility into their multi-tier supply networks, sense risks and mitigate them to minimise disruption.

Autonomously illuminating multi-tier supply networks and sensing risks to minimise disruption

Supply networks have become highly sophisticated and vital to organisational competitiveness. These networks are becoming increasingly dis-aggregated and specialised due to the effects of globalisation and increasing technological complexity.

The global and specialised nature of supply networks exposes them to vulnerabilities, with many of these vulnerabilities stemming from deep within the network beyond direct tier 1 suppliers.  However, most organisations only deal with direct tier 1 suppliers and have limited multi-tier supply network visibility.

Limited multi-tier visibility of suppliers beyond tier 1 makes it difficult for organisations to effectively manage risk and build resilience of supply.

How can organisations increase visibility of their multi-tier supply networks, sense risks and mitigate them in a timely manner to minimise disruption?

Our Approach

Using augmented intelligence and machine learning, Deloitte uses a proven three step methodology to help organisations autonomously and rapidly model their multi-tier supply networks, sense risks, and identify actionable insights to minimise disruption.

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