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In the age of digital transformation, organisations need to be data-centric, and data quality is of paramount importance.

A scalable turn-key solution that will fix your data quality issues

Organisations collect large amounts of data to generate value for their clients and business. The data collected usually comes from various sources, often in multiple formats, littered with errors and missing information.

To ensure your organisation reaches its full potential, data quality needs to be at the centre of your operation, acting as a key enabler in your digital transformation journey.

Data quality issues can result in sub-optimal business decisions, reduced quality, loss of reputation and customer trust. Organisations face several challenges when trying to solve data quality issues, such as:

  • Complex system environment, resulting in large volumes of data
  • Fixing data issues can be time-consuming and expensive
  • On-going remediation and monitoring of data quality issues require significant effort and investment

To help organisations address these challenges, Deloitte has developed a solution that reduces 50 to 60% of foundation and setup costs and enables data quality quick wins.

Our solution

DataRemedy codifies the commonalities in data quality issues to accelerate the data uplift management journey.

This out-of-the-box data quality remediation solution allows organisations to rapidly identify and fix data quality issues without significant setup activities. It is built on a flexible and modular architecture, leveraging Talend. DataRemedy can be deployed on-premise or in any cloud e.g. Microsoft Azure or AWS and it also integrates with either Power BI or Tableau dashboards for reporting functionality.

Key features

  • Provides organisations with a quick and easy way to connect to source systems, identify erroneous data and remediate data quality issues
  • Contains pre-configured business rules and data validation processes to solve some of the most critical and common data quality issues
  • Includes dashboards for reporting and monitoring data quality
  • Offers quickly extendible components and user-friendly interfaces to ensure that organisations can extend the solution to further data domains and business rules.

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