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Cognitive Customer Experience

Transforming data into intelligent interactions

What if you could take customers from calling you with a problem to solving problems before they even know they have them?

Through decades of centralisation and cost driven globalisation, we have lost the human touch, and our ability to create meaningful connections with our customers.

Contact centre technology has not changed in years, and neither has the customer or agent experience:

  • Expensive to run legacy technologies
  • Difficult and slow to make changes, and complex integration
  • Customers can’t choose their preferred method of engagement leading to a frustrating experience
  • Dis-engaging experience for contact centre agents.

Cognitive Customer Experience

Introducing Deloitte’s Cognitive Customer Experience

Deloitte, along with its alliances with AWS, Salesforce and ServiceNow, are implementing scale Cognitive Customer Experience (CCX) solutions in Australia.

The CCX team, including designers, engineers, alliance ecosystems and change managers, works with you to create powerful and intelligent insights, shaping new capabilities by integrating AI with your data and customer interactions

CCX has the power to take you:

From : Reactive customer-driven calls 

To : Proactive anticipation of needs

From : Basic data points      

To : Understanding how customers think and feel

From : Basic reporting         

To : AI that uses your data and keeps getting smarter, and your customer interactions get better

From : Long call centre queues   

To : Quick and satisfying outcomes 

From : Overburdened call agents

To : Motivated relationships managers     

From : Frustrated customers

To : Happy loyal advocates