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Change is complex, but it doesn’t need to feel that way for those affected.

Level up your organisation’s ability to change at scale and at pace, with ChangeX, Deloitte’s end-to-end change management and communications platform.

Leveraging the power of technology and data, ChangeX provides you with visibility of the full change load on the organisation and allows you to engage your people with impact throughout your transformation, helping drive bold change at speed and with confidence.

Elevate your approach to enterprise change

In today’s dynamic business landscape, organisations are grappling with relentless disruption caused by AI and digital technologies, workforce shifts and evolving customer demands. This can mean that overwhelmed employees are on the receiving end of multiple transformations at once and leaders lack the data and insights to make informed decisions on the right sequencing, packaging and tempo of change.

At Deloitte, we understand these challenges. We believe that even though transformations are complex, they don’t have to feel that way to those who's commitment you need. Change should be compelling, personalised and regenerative. This is why we have developed ChangeX – a cutting edge, data-centric solution, designed to amplify change management and empower our clients to thrive.

ChangeX streamlines your enterprise change approach and serves as the ultimate partner for change managers, transformation leaders, and business executives. By harnessing the power of technology and data, ChangeX empowers you to execute transformations rapidly and confidently through a single, comprehensive view of change. From assessment to implementation, our end-to-end solution covers the entire change process, ensuring a seamless and coordinated approach to change delivery.

ChangeX part of the WorkforceX product suite.

Navigate change with impact, efficiency and confidence.

ChangeX has been designed for key user groups in your organisation.

What is ChangeX?

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