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Alpha Platform

The new standard in digital banking

The next wave of digital disruption is here. Ride the change with the Alpha Platform.

Whether you’re looking to build from scratch, launch a new proposition, or shake up a legacy system, Alpha is the digital banking platform and transformation accelerator that gives you everything you need to launch new propositions, fast.

We are banking experts, engineers, product developers and creatives. We’ve built digital banks from scratch. And we’ve transformed legacy systems into truly digital machines.

Backing us is the strength and technical expertise of our global consulting practice. Whatever the challenge, we’ve been through it before. We have the battle scars. We know how to help.

Alpha Platform: The digital transformation accelerator

Move fast

Our ready-made digital banking architecture and functional blocks allow you to design, assemble, and deliver new banking propositions in as little as three months.

Reduce risk and improve controls

By monitoring where mandatory disclosures and other call test points are missed, as well as identifying potentially vulnerable customers.

Be distinctive

This is no “bank in a box”. We tailor as we build. Every proposition and every client is distinctive and unique.

Build a business

It’s not just about the technology platform. It’s about transforming your organisation to deliver digital banking services faster and enable a lean business.

Own it

We believe that you should control and orchestrate the platform, particularly where it supports core parts of your business. All the Alpha source code becomes yours.

Stay safe

Alpha meets financial institution standards for privacy, security and regulatory compliance. With bank-grade cyber security built-in, you can be confident that the right data protection measures are in place.

Alpha Platform’s three key ingredients


A ready-made technology platform
An infrastructure of pre-integrated cloud-native technology components covering core capabilities like integration, security, operability, scalability and engineering.

A set of functional building blocks
Loosely coupled functional modules and FinTechs, allowing you to switch quickly with minimal reintegration to assemble your unique proposition.

Techniques to transform your business
A tried and tested delivery methodology, banking expertise and frameworks that support your business on its journey to becoming digitally native.


Where does your journey to digital start?


Building from scratch
You’re a start-up or looking to launch a spin-off bank. You’re full of ideas, and are looking for a digital accelerator to help you move quickly. Our greenfield approach gives you the freedom you need to truly differentiate your product. And it’s scalable, unconstrained by legacy systems – meaning you can work and launch fast.

Transforming from existing
 You’re an existing bank. You want to go from highly complex and customised legacy infrastructure to digitally native. We can build from within your existing infrastructure. Or we can build on the outside edge of your organisation, integrating with existing platforms when appropriate.

Take the first step

Find out how Alpha Platform can help you launch distinctive banking experiences faster. Request a demo with our team today.