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AgriFood Transformation & Circularity

Our AgriFood Transformation & Circularity team of experts specialise in circular economy and digital transformation in the AgriFood industry as part of Deloitte’s Climate & Engineering consulting business.

Our team strives to operate at the forefront of circular and digital transformation in the agriculture and food sectors – working as trusted advisors to governments, research organisations and corporates. In particular, we’re focused on making an impact through Circular Economy, Decarbonisation, Natural Capital and Sustainability solutions. Clients benefit from the combination of our advisory services and access to our unique technology suite and inhouse development capabilities.

We help organisations baseline their enterprise to determine how circular their resource management practices are and could be; then map a clear transformation path designed to deliver both value and impact.

To combat the climate crisis and unlock significant economic growth requires governments, businesses, and communities to align on pathways towards a net zero future. Our difference is how we bring digital and technology solutions to the challenge and help clients embrace Circularity, Data, Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things and more.

Clients rely on our expertise, passion and systems leadership to redesign their future to address complex business challenges and seize the opportunities the ‘AgriF00d-ture’ presents. We specialise in working through supply chains and within regions to support interconnected, low-carbon systems underpinning a clean economy that grows at an increasingly faster rate than its carbon-intensive alternative.

We draw insights from trusted, real-time data to help the agrifood sector to more nimbly respond to what the market wants, be more efficient in production and show their customers how safe and sustainable their food is.

We focus our services across three key domains:

  1. Digital AgriFood - developing strategies and roadmaps for regions, businesses and sectors seeking to unlock technology and data enabled transformation and accelerate digital adoption and decarbonisation.
  2. Circular Economy - moving enterprises, sectors and regions towards low carbon circular economies, including CE scans that consider the ambition and need to transition and alignment to UN SDGs, strategy and business case development, circular business model transformation, material flow analysis, baselining circularity, lifecycle analysis (LCA), measuring circularity using Circular Transition Indicators (CTI), measurement of emissions across Scope 1, 2 and 3 across the supply chain and technology enabled implementation of solutions.
  3. Systems Leadership and Ecosystems - bringing diverse leaders together to align and collaborate on priorities and major transformation initiatives and innovations, from policies through to technologies. We deliver shared learning and development outcomes and discovery programmes that connect industry, government and research leaders to discover new insights and diversify their domestic and international networks. We provide bespoke design and implementation of footprint measurement and assessment tools and support clients with registration of carbon and biodiversity credit schemes and natural capital services.

Are you ready to operate at the forefront with us?