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State of AI in the Enterprise 2022

Four key actions powering widespread value from AI, right now (fifth edition).

If you’re like most business leaders, you know that AI is critical to success - from driving outcomes to cost reduction and making moves in new markets. So how come many companies aren’t achieving the value they anticipated?

With a 29% increase in the share of Underachievers this year compared to last, more companies are deploying AI solutions but not to a scale where they are seeing outcomes.

The 5th edition Deloitte’s State of AI in the Enterprise takes a cross-industry look at AI deployments and outcomes achieved to reveal key actions every organisation should be taking to gain widespread value from AI. These actions include:

  1. Building culture
  2. Reimagining operations
  3. Matching technology to AI experience
  4. Choosing use cases proven to accelerate value in your industry

Report highlights

Bringing the State of AI to Life

We asked Industry Leaders from around Australia for their views on what's blocking organisations from scaling AI.

Over a day we bought these perspectives and more to life on our living wall.

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