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Australian High Net Worth Study for The Table Club

Contribution, Legacy and Opportunity

A joint study between Deloitte Private and The Table Club that puts an inspiring spotlight on the contributions of High Net Worth Individuals (HNWIs) and the key issues they face.

From innovative ideas to creating valuable business and employment opportunities, Australia’s HNWIs continue to make a significant contribution.

Download our report, Australian High Net Worth Study for The Table Club, to explore the activities and decisions of HNWIs. The study and research also reveals the significant issue around transition plans to the next generation.

Key insights:

  • The top 200 Single Family Offices had a total wealth of $267 billion
  • Over half of HNWIs have core businesses in property or finance
  • Around 65% had established a charity or foundation
  • One third of HNWIs do not have a formal transition plan.

To find out more and what our three key takeaways are, download the report here.

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