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Asset Management and Optimisation

Delivering enhanced outcomes

Infrastructure asset management can be optimised through predictive technologies that draw on existing asset baselines, integrate and innovate data models to inform future decision making. Today’s access to real-time granular operating data, together with our ability to build models that allow us to analyse systems and run scenarios to predict service outcomes now provides the opportunity for a new era in asset management & optimisation across the whole life of our major asset investments.

The majority of cost in complex heavy assets like infrastructure is spent in the operate, upgrade & maintain phase of the asset lifecycle. However, acquisition (Capex) and operating (Opex) decisions are typically made in isolation of each other and without effective consideration of system wide impacts and service delivery. This compromises the outcomes that can be achieved through these major investments and leads to the need for further significant investment later in the asset lifecycle.

We support you by starting with building capacity to meet regulatory and compliance requirements, then moving to delivering on enhanced business needs reliably and consistently, before moving to a maturity that delivers enhanced service outcomes and prepares to deliver on the business needs of tomorrow.

We can help you to:

Determine asset baseline:

We understand the current asset baseline provides the backbone to accurate predictions to inform future decision making.

  • Asset risk profile
  • Financial status
  • Asset management governance
  • Spatial dyanmics
  • Demand profile
  • Operations and service management.

Integrate data sources to provide predictive decision making:

We integrate current data models and enhance them through introducing predictive technologies delivers insights, informed by all necessary data sources.

Predictive analytics include:

  • Internet of things,
  • Artifical intelligence processors
  • Digital twin simulation.

Optimise decision making:

Predictive analytics models provides decision makers with the ability to make decisions now, that account for events predicted decades in advance.

We help you transform projects from today’s plans to tomorrow’s solutions. It starts now.

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