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10 use cases for AI across industries

How artificial intelligence (AI) can be harnessed to make an impact across industry

AI. It’s the next ‘general purpose’ technology. Like when the internet impacted our society in the 1990s, AI is expected to do the same this decade.

AI is already pervasive in our everyday lives. We use voice assistants to organise ourselves, facial recognition to unlock our phones and I’m sure we’ve all had some targeted marketing sent our way – based on what we like (and don’t like)...

But what about in industry? What can AI do in Australia to improve the way we do business? Well, quite a lot! But a lot of people aren’t aware of its potential, or how it can be harnessed to help fuel their business success.

We’ve put together a series of infographics that showcase how AI can be used to actively solve different problems. These are in no means designed to be an exhaustive list of what’s possible. Simply to act as a starting point for inspiration, allowing you to see the art of the possible and begin your own AI-fuelled journeys. We’ve also designed them to be ‘snackable’. You know, easy to digest. Not paragraphs upon paragraphs of text. Instead, we’ve broken our information down into key themes, allowing you to pick and choose what interests or applies to you most.

So, be sure to check them out below and reach out and Say Hi to AI!

The path to net zero requires large investment in the likes of physical infrastructure, technology, education and more. Driving climate action, AI systems are promising to help tackle climate change and environmental degradation. 

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Artificial Intelligent is a powerful tool with the potential to enrich how the government and public services delivers services to citizens. Not only are processes becoming more efficient, but these institutions are also becoming increasingly adaptable to change. 

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From differentiating the learning experience to improving campus services and predicting the necessary skills of the future. AI can truly enhance higher education for students, lecturers and institutions alike.

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Technology advancements and a heightened awareness of environmental impact is causing our energy, resources and industrials industry to evolve at a rapid pace. AI is helping organisations to rapidly innovate and reduce their climate impact all whilst keeping downtime down and increasing business productivity.

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The financial services industry is emerging as a leader in the journey to AI adoption. Chatbots are helping customers navigate their finances, online banking and transactions are becoming safer and complex processes are becoming simpler.

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From analysing radiological images to simulating a human heart for surgical training, the potential for AI in life sciences and health care is limitless. AI is giving back the gift of time to our health care workers, elevating the pace of innovation in research labs and bringing new meaning to the world of patient care. 

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What were once a futuristic concept, are now earths urban reality. Smart cities powered by AI and other new technology are helping humans to live safer, healthier and more sustainable lives. 

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It’s hard to understate the impact of AI on the consumer industry. The data available on how, when, and why customers shop, as well as what the products are, opens a plethora of opportunity for businesses.

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