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Data Insights Improvements

Unlocking the value of data to drive operational excellence

Organisations are prioritising capturing valuable data, but a persistent challenge remains: What do you do with the data once you’ve collected it?

This large Australian bank has been working with Deloitte’s Process Bionics, a trailblazing, data-led system – to drive real changes by accelerating data analysis and making subsequent decisions to improve operational processes.

One of Australia’s largest banks has been on an extensive data gathering journey to uplift the transparency and efficiency of its core business processes.

This leading bank’s promise is to deliver its millions of customers exceptional operational service. The question that had to be answered to achieve this with confidence was, ‘How do we know if these processes are actually working?’

Deloitte has been helping to answer this question,  relying on our unique Process Bionics solution to offer rich insights. We worked with the operational excellence team to implement this robust operating model, allowing them to gain clarity on how their processes are actually performing, while continuing to deliver the desired benefits.

“Traditional methods of capturing process activities are becoming increasingly time consuming and expensive. Process Bionics is a one-of-a-kind system which utilises innovative data techniques to optimise analysis and reconstruct business processes.”

Ajay Yadav, Partner, Deloitte Consulting, Core Business Operations, Deloitte

Using Process Bionics to build four capabilities:

  • Building a data pipeline, in which process data was sourced from each system and transformed for analysis
  • Developing the analytical proficiency, to utilise the data to develop process models, identify improvement opportunities and monitor control performance
  • Establishing an ongoing monitoring capability, through continuous tracking of its key metrics and milestones to ensure process health and conformance
  • Aligning with existing improvement teams, by integrating continuous improvement with operation excellence programs.

Faris Sahem, Director, Consulting, Strategy AI and Transformation, says, “Analysing business processes from a data perspective helps us to understand the exact execution steps that occur in an operating sense. In the past, system data was never considered for process analysis despite being incredibly useful to identify shortcomings, gaps, and improvement opportunities, which is what we’re addressing.”

Capturing and evaluating data accurately is allowing managers up the line to make better and faster decisions, benefiting employees and customers alike.

Ajay Yadav, Partner, Deloitte Consulting, explains, “Our capability developed a successful remodelling and detailed analysis of the business which delivered five major benefits:

  1. Increased operational transparency – We remodelled 33 business processes outlining controls, systems, contact points and business teams to enable the ongoing monitoring of process conformance
  2. Measured process performance – Our team reported on all process performance including cost breakdown, detailed process metrics, rework hotspots, and more
  3. Improved process efficiency – We identified process improvement opportunities which enabled process efficiency to increase by 25%, as a result of minimising waste and non-value adding activities
  4. Improved customer experience – Enabled reduction of turnaround times by 10% by locating delay hotspots and key causes for large wait times
  5. Increased controls oversight – Analysed existing process controls to measure conformance and effectiveness of all control activities. This included discovering a process where the control was not being recorded due to the team circumventing the workflow manager.”

Overall, Process Bionics has delivered extraordinary value to our client, and continues to be an impactful aspect of our operational excellence initiatives.

“The banking sector is often a pioneer in using data-driven insights and technology to deliver value to their customers, which is what we achieved with this client.”

Faris Sahem, Director, Consulting, Strategy AI and Transformation

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