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Enabling Emergency Flood Response

DCS Spatial Services improves flood impact assessment time with AWS, Deloitte and CSU

Transforming the NSW Department of Customer Service's Spatial Services operations using AI and ML

The NSW Department of Customer Service’s Spatial Services team plays an important role in supporting emergency flood response. In this video, learn how the Spatial Services team has transformed operational procedures to enable emergency services to make better decisions and benefit citizens in times of need.

During flood incidents across NSW, hundreds of gigabytes of aerial imagery are captured and analysed. The Department of Customer Service (DCS) Spatial Services collaborated with AWS, Deloitte and Charles Sturt University (CSU) to test the extraction of geospatial information using the power of cloud technology, artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML). This initiative has transformed impact assessment reporting for emergency services. The results obtained have not only streamlined the process but also slashed the time required to obtain crucial information from hours to mere minutes. This leap in efficiency translates to an enhanced emergency service response, impacting vital aspects such as evacuation planning, coordination of emergency support staffing, facilitation of recovery operations and swift release of emergency funding.

"It was the perfect marriage of capability from AWS, the knowledge and expertise from Deloitte, and the data and requirements that Spatial Services had." - Lars Hansen, Director Information Services 

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