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Meet Supriya Guha

AI Solutions Principal

Meet Supriya, a Perth-based Principal in our AI Solutions team which sits across Deloitte’s Business Units and helps clients harness the power of AI. He is passionate about applying AI to solve issues that matter in industry and in wider society. 

So, tell us about a day in the life …

Every day is different, but there is always a pattern. The flexible work policy at Deloitte enables me design and plan my days in the most optimal way which helps me stay close to my clients, projects, team and partner ecosystem – but also raise a very young family.

My typical day is a combination of solving complex problems for my clients using cutting edge Data & AI technologies, addressing issues that matter for the team and practice, collaborating within the wider firm and outside with our alliance partners, and driving innovation at scale to create assets, products and IPs that differentiate us as a firm in the market.

I start my day with couple of hours working from home – when my brain works the best! – and organise my day, as well as handle some of the complex tasks of the day ranging from design and review of AI solutions, driving the next asset and innovation agenda and unblocking critical challenges for my team.

Then I drop my 8-year old to school and head to work. I spend the majority of my day at work in meeting my clients, checking in with my team or collaboration partners, dealing with a range of matters from client delivery to innovation, to people and culture … Some days I leave work in the early afternoon to pick up my boy from school and then continue to work from home. 

Outside the office I am passionate about theatre. I direct and act on stage. And I am absolutely passionate about multicultural communities and how they integrate with the broader Australian community. 


My five years with the firm has reshaped me as an individual and as a professional. I’ve learned how to combine my technical expertise with people, assets, alliances and network to amplify my impacts on my clients and society.

So, why Deloitte?

  • I get to work with some of the best and smartest brains in the country, and I learn something every day
  • I have tremendous support and sponsorship from the firm to innovate and develop cutting edge AI products and solutions
  • The brand value of the firm helps me elevate my own brand and relationships in the market
  • Our tremendous alliance and collaboration network with technology vendors and other firms – which helps me deliver best value for money for my clients
  • Above all, the Deloitte Flex policy, where I am assessed based on the outcome I deliver, and not how, when or where I work from. This is a critical success factor for me with a very young family.

The deep-rooted culture of innovation and care for people above anything else.

Aside from Deloitte being the number 1 amongst the Big 4 firms in Australia, the Data & AI practice in particular in Deloitte is 600+ nationally. In Perth it’s 80+ and growing ... This is one of the biggest and strongest Data & AI practices in the market – both nationally and locally in WA.

Some of the key attractions for joining our team would be:

  1. Opportunity to work with some of the biggest clients solving some of the most complex problems for industry and the community
  2. Opportunity to work across all big Cloud hyperscaler platforms – Azure, AWS, Snowflake, GCP, Databricks as well as range of other technology and tools. In fact, we are technology agnostic and adopt what suits our clients and projects. This gives our team members the opportunity to explore and learn various technology and platforms
  3. We have a strong focus on innovation and have produced market leading products and assets in the Data & AI space. We are always looking for the next big idea and the firm provides strong support to transform great ideas into solutions
  4. We bring the whole firm to our clients – so most of our big engagements will involve end-to-end consulting offerings across Data & AI, Cloud engineering, digital, org transformation, change, supply chain, etc. which offers a unique exposure to our practitioners, and last but not least
  5. The firm truly cares for people. We prioritise people and their needs.

Some quickfire favourites

Quick Song – “Such a wonderful world”

Coffee – Skinny Cappuccino

Book – The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

TV Series – House of Cards


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