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Meet Sudeep Ghosh

AI & Automation Senior Manager

Meet Sudeep Ghosh, a Sydney based Senior Manager in our AI & Automation team, which is part of the Strategy and AI practice in our Consulting Business Unit. He is passionate about applying AI/automation in his client solutions to create a lasting impact (and loves The Hunger Games books!).

So, tell us about a day in the life …

Get out of bed, obviously, then have a cup of ginger tea (yeah, I’m a tea person) with my wife and then get to work. I start with a quick look at my calendar and project priorities. Some days I’m running workshops with clients, developing a proposal, or managing a multi-million dollar project, keeping busy managing client and team expectations while still trying to make an impact. Outside of work, it’s all about family time and spending quality time with my 9-year old daughter. Sometimes I unwind in the gym or go for a brisk walk. I browse the internet for new technologies – specifically defence technologies, learning new skills and keeping up with the current affairs. At the weekend, the movies or day out with the family is always on the cards. 


I have always dreamt of working for Deloitte – what better place than to work in Deloitte Australia! I’ve worked for some big names, but Deloitte is special. The culture, great leaders and an incredible team is something which makes Deloitte a great place to work.

Every day is a new learning experience; like some new ideas to apply AI/automation in my solutions and the opportunity to create an impact. My job gives me the autonomy to think, speak and apply my ideas.

I’m passionate about emerging technologies, which has truly driven me all these years. 

I started when we did not have GUI applications and mostly black/white screens, but over the years the whole technology landscape has changed. We’ve seen the emergence of Robotic Process Automation, then AI-driven automation. It’s fascinating to be part of this journey with Deloitte.

You get to play with some amazing tech, pick up new skills, mentored by great leaders and groomed to be a future leader. It is an amazing team of remarkable individuals with great knowledge and skills in the Data & AI space.

  • Favourite sports team? – Cricket, team India. Football – I am a gunners fan … you guessed it right, Arsenal!
  • Coffee order? – I prefer ginger tea
  • Hobby? – I like to travel, and my work has taken me to all the continents except Antarctica and some 24 countries
  • Five Star book? – The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins (I’ve watched the movie series as well)

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