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Meet Sid Kulkarni

Data & AI Manager

Meet Sid, a Sydney based Manager and member of our Data & AI team, which is part of the Strategy and AI practice in our Consulting Business Unit. He is passionate about embracing technology to drive meaningful, lasting transformation.

So, tell us about a day in the life …

Hello! I started my Deloitte journey as a vacationer (our summer internship program) in early 2016 and have been working full time since 2017. I’ve been fortunate to gain exposure to a variety of industries and get involved in different types of work, including conducting workshops to gather requirements, business process mapping, geospatial analytics and supporting M&A divestitures.

Outside of work I enjoy drawing which has actually been a hobby for a while. The onset of the pandemic and its restrictions inspired me to pick up my pencils again, which I’m very happy about. I will also confess … I’m a bit of gamer, which tends to take up more hours than I would care to admit! And if that doesn’t go well, you’ll usually find me engrossed in some form of televised sport – with the flavour of the month being the NBA playoffs.

Two things: opportunities and culture.

Let’s be honest, entering the workforce is intimidating, because it’s difficult to plan out the ‘perfect’ career path. I joined Deloitte to be part of an organisation that provides a variety of learning opportunities – you experience different industries and undertake a variety of roles tailored to your own individual interests – which really helps build and support your long-term goals. The constant support from the people around me is also incredible. Being able to work alongside hugely talented and giving people every day, who are invested in your growth and are available for support, is invaluable.

The most rewarding aspect of the work I do is working together with clients to solve problems and come up with solutions to real, unique business challenges.

I’m passionate about understanding which technological solutions can be best leveraged in transformation initiatives, including automation, analytics, or platform implementations to effectively achieve our clients’ objectives and drive tangible positive impacts. Every project is a unique challenge, and a learning opportunity, that improves overall business acumen and better supports your ability to achieve your long-term professional goals.

Why not? Go for it! The Data & AI team is uniquely positioned to support a team of consultants with an affinity for both business transformation and technical expertise. If you have an interest in solving complex business challenges, Deloitte and the Data & AI team is a perfect team to join. I love our rewarding, fun and inclusive team culture.

  • Favourite game? Rocket League
  • Favourite NBA team? Los Angeles Lakers
  • Inspirational podcast? Not inspirational, but ‘Download This Show’ by the ABC is a quick and easy way to increase awareness of media, culture, and technology news in the world
  • Coffee order? Cappuccino
  • TV series recommendation?  Black Mirror, Parks and Recreation
  • Best Dad/Mum Joke? 
    • What type of apples grow on trees?....... All of them.
    • Did you hear about the band 1023mb? They haven’t got a gig yet. 

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