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Meet Nicola Wahbe

Data & AI Senior Consultant

Meet Nicola, a Sydney-based Senior Consultant in our Data & AI team, which is part of the Strategy and AI practice in our Consulting Business Unit. She is crazy about data.

So, tell us about a day in the life …

I joined Deloitte as a Graduate exactly a week before COVID-19 hit in early 2020.

I’ve been fortunate to gain experience working across multiple clients and industries and have found a passion for displaying seemingly impossible data in understandable ways using data visualisation. This involves gathering data, transforming it into an ingestible format and then importing it into a visualisation tool like Power BI or Tableau. When the data is in one of those tools, that’s when the fun begins, and I can build visualisations to best tell a story with the data.

Outside ‘the green dot’ I’m super family- and friend-orientated, a massive foodie (French is at the top of my list right now) and happiest when at the beach with a takeaway coffee and my dog, Kobi, at my side.

The people and the opportunities! I wanted to be among the smartest and brightest minds and have access to the best learning resources and career opportunities. Deloitte is that place where the people around you are your biggest fans. I love that.

Another massive factor when I applied was working for a company with a strong culture and values that aligned to my own. One of Deloitte’s core values is driving positive change and ‘making an impact that matters’ – and I can confidently say that this rings true in both client-facing work as well as our own culture. For example, Data & AI boasts a variety of ‘squads’ you can join, so I became involved with Community & Collaboration and Inclusion, Diversity & Wellness. We organise team events to push the envelope, have fun and celebrate our diversity.

I get to work closely with clients, so I can build fantastic relationships and really get to know their needs or wants. Building these strong relationships is mutually beneficial: you can deliver the best result possible while becoming a better consultant – I’m constantly learning and growing.

I recently worked on a great project with a global software company to encourage girls into STEM by designing and delivering a 10-week course for school aged girls to introduce them to the concept of intelligent automation. I was lucky enough to build the curriculum and actually taught 20 students. I’m passionate about girls’ education, so being a part of this program and seeing its impact on 20 girls was incredibly rewarding.

Do you love a challenge? Solving problems? Working with incredible people? Then Deloitte is the place for you. You will get the opportunity to design solutions for our clients’ complex problems, have the best tools at your disposal and the best colleagues to support you along your way. I’ve loved every day so far.

Some quickfire favourites

  • All-time favourite song? ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’ by Queen
  • Coffee order? First coffee of the day is an almond cappuccino, then long blacks for the (multiple) coffees that follow
  • TV series recommendation? Scandal
  • Best Dad/Mum joke? “I ordered a chicken and an egg from Amazon. I’ll let you know…” 

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