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Meet Luke Clarkson

Human Capital Senior Consultant

Meet Luke, a Sydney-based Senior Consultant in our Organisation Transformation team, part of our Human Capital practice. He is passionate about expanding the lens through which people view cloud transformation and see it as a human transformation, just as much as a digital transformation.

So, tell us about a day in the life …

I started as a Consultant in our Perth office three weeks before ‘Miss-Rona’ came to visit (and rudely stayed for over 2 years). This meant that the usual flow of client project opportunities available to our younger team members was temporarily paused, and as a business, we pivoted towards developing offerings and solutions around new and emerging client challenges. This situation gave me the first opportunity to play a leading role in building our Human Capital Cloud Transformation offering, and product manage the development of the ‘Cumulus’ organisational cloud readiness asset, a Deloitte global tech solution.

When I’m not playing in the cloud I have enjoyed leading change management programs in global mining, telecommunications, the public sector and in rail. More recently I took the opportunity within Deloitte to relocate from Perth to Sydney, exposing myself to a number of different industries and new client opportunities.

Outside of project work and business development, I also lead Deloitte’s StandOUT Network, where we’re currently gearing up for a massive 2023 as major sponsors of Sydney World Pride! To that end, Deloitte is on a mission to become the undisputed LGBTQ+ employer of choice, so get involved as an ally today!

From your perspective, how does Cloud help our clients unlock business benefits?

Cloud can help organisations be better prepared to navigate disruption by improving business agility, scalability, resilience, accelerating product development and innovation with more efficient use of resources.

From a people perspective, cloud fundamentally changes the way work is done in the modern organisation, who does what, and what tools, skills and processes are necessary for success. However, the challenge of cloud is that many organisations fail, or stall, on their transformation journey as they approach it like any another technology project, neglecting to embrace the critical human factors required to realise the benefits that cloud can bring.

I have seen this challenge first-hand at a mining client I worked with on the early stages of their cloud transformation journey. After making the foundational technology changes (application simplification, shuttering of data centres) the program eventually stopped mid-way, underwent replanning and relaunched months later. The problem? There was a noticeable lack of investment in the people within the organisation, upskilling their cloud capabilities, new cloud-enabled ways of working, team redesign, implementing a culture of innovation and leaders not being equipped or capable to lead the change. Deloitte worked with them to pivot the approach as they replanned for remobilisation, and so far the project has been a huge success for the organisation.

The short answer to this question is that Deloitte is an awesome place to work because of the exposure to different industries, clients and work opportunities, which makes it an enviable place to start a career. 

The two other things I think are distinct to Deloitte; firstly  is that we have a noticeable ‘flat’ organisational culture. This means that the youngest grad is trusted with the work they lead, and are invited to bring a voice to a client conversation just as much as the most senior partner. I think this is awesome. 

The second is that Deloitte truly lives and breathes a culture of diversity and inclusion. Too many organisations I have observed engage in ‘pinkwashing’, pretending to be inclusive when it benefits them or when communicating with the market. LGBT+ people are some of the most intelligent, creative and socially aware workers out there in the market, and creating an environment where they feel safe and trusted benefits not only them, but the whole organisation.

The thing that gets me out of bed each day is my team, the people I work with and the relationships I build with my clients. Human connection is my number one priority, which is great, because it’s what I get to do every day! 

As I mentioned above, consulting in Deloitte is an incredible place to start or accelerate a career. Don’t get me wrong, we work hard at times, but the pay-off you receive when you compare your growth trajectory to those who chose other career paths does not parallel.

  • Favourite song? - Storms by Fleetwood Mac (Stevie Nicks singing about her break-up with Mick Fleetwood – pure emotion)
  • Inspirational Podcast: Call Me Brenda by Courtney Act and Vanity (an LGBT+ education)
  • Five star book? - Dirt Music by Tim Winton 
  • Coffee Order? -  Skinny strong flat white
  • Favourite Sports Team? - Fremantle Dockers (AFL)
  • TV Series Recommendation? - Total Control starring Deborah Mailman, or Marcella on Netflix starring Anna Friel – both stories of incredibly strong women. 

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