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Meet Kevin Li

Actuarial Consultant in Consulting Strategy AI and Transformation

Meet Kevin, a Melbourne-based Consultant in the Actuarial team. He combines his powerful technical skills with financial analytics to help clients strengthen their approach to capital management.

So, tell us about a day in your life

A day in my life is fairly standard for someone in this role.

First things first: the mornings are typically for stand-ups (team meetings). We meet with the client and our team members to discuss any of blockers that need to be resolved. From then on, I spend a lot of time working in Excel spreadsheets, building out models and doing some financial analysis. There’s also a bit of coding sprinkled into my work.

Mostly because of the variety of work that we do. We do a lot of traditional actuarial work as well as non-traditional work, which I'm particularly passionate about. I've spent a lot of time working with the government – so there's a lot of social impact consulting, which gives me the opportunity to use my actuarial skills to make an actual impact on society.

For example, one of the big projects I worked on was a child support engagement. Our team moderated the Australian government's child support payments and liabilities under a number of different policy scenarios to maintain the interests of the child in each of them. This was really rewarding work and it felt great to be able to add value in this way.

What makes Deloitte different is really the freedom that management and leaders give you in terms of how you go about solving problems. I think the best way to learn as a junior is to actually make mistakes and grow.

And that's something the leaders give you the freedom to do. You’re going to be learning through each step, going from start to finish – just allowing yourself to indulge in the whole problem-solving process. There's no need to worry as well, because there's always support there to back you up if you need.

I used to do a lot of running when I was a kid – so much so that I thought I'd get into athletics. But these days, I’m running around in a lot of Excel spreadsheets!

  • Favourite music genre? Hip Hop
  • Favourite movie? Dunkirk
  • Any hobbies? Badminton, Chess, History
  • Favourite superhero? Iron Man (more RDJ!)

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