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Meet Jessica Carius

Data & AI Senior Consultant

Meet Jess, a Melbourne-based Senior Consultant in our AI Institute. She is passionate about finding ways to encourage students, clients and leaders to embrace AI. Outside work you’ll find her hunting down where she can watch and enjoy Oscar-nominated films.

So, tell us about a day in the life …

Well, despite Deloitte’s PlaceFlex offering, I love going into 477 Collins (in fact, I haven’t been able to face my ‘lock-down’ home office since last year and much prefer the city views!). I’m also one for routine … So, after checking emails I create my to-do list, grab my coffee and start my day.

I’m very new to the AI team and no day has been the same – I love it! It’s also a big year for the AI Institute which is very exciting. Broadly speaking, it's focused on developing AI fluency – both with our clients and all the way to our own Deloitte teams – whilst also being the vehicle through which we publish and celebrate Deloitte's incredible AI capability.

We believe that understanding AI is essential to optimising its potential. To support this, the team is working on a brand-new AI Fluency Greenhouse experience. Brainstorming ways to help people learn about AI through fun and interactive experiences is extremely important. The AI Institute is also focusing on new ways to engage STEM talent from universities and support the increasing number of Women in AI. A lot of students don’t realise that Deloitte does the ‘fun stuff’ – the ‘cool AI’. It’s true, we do! So, it’s awesome to have the opportunity to educate students on the types of teams and roles that Deloitte has in this space. AI isn’t the future, it’s now, and it’s so important for students to recognise what’s possible.

Outside of work you’ll find me at the cinema attempting to watch every Oscar nominated film of the year, and/or drinking a nice bottle of wine. On weekends I love trying new restaurants around Melbourne or checking out museum exhibits.

Deloitte was always a ‘dream company’ for me while I was going through university. I studied Psychology and Management, and I found the firm’s research and thought leadership innovative.

Deloitte’s focus on impact was also a huge draw for me. I whole heartedly believe in the importance of corporate responsibility and Deloitte demonstrates this value through having an ‘Impact that Matters’ – not just through fundraising and an emphasis on community outreach, but also in how the firm shows they care about what’s happening around the world.

My friends are always surprised when we talk about work, and I say – ‘I love my job’. But it’s true! I love the exciting work I get to do every day, and I love the way Deloitte cares for its people. All of my managers and teams have continued to support me, uplift my career and prioritise my wellbeing, and it makes the world of difference.

I also enjoy being challenged and appreciate being encouraged to take on projects that interest me. It’s great to be surrounded by such incredibly diverse and intelligent people – it encourages me to think differently and to never stop learning. As a woman, I am also continually inspired by the brilliant female leaders in our firm. In my opinion, it’s a terrific place to work.

Deloitte’s for you if you want to learn and you want to be constantly surprised – surprised by the magnitude of innovation within the firm, surprised by the amount of opportunity and surprised by your own potential. If you had asked me two years ago if I’d be in the AI Institute team, I probably would have asked you what AI even is! Deloitte is a place that continues to teach its people new things every day – and reminds us that no matter where in your career you are, there’s always an opportunity to learn.

  • Coffee Order: Cappuccino - nothing fancy!
  • Favourite Song: Bluebird – Miranda Lambert
  • Five-Star Book: Enlightenment Now, Steven Pinker and Pride & Prejudice, Jane Austen
  • TV Series: Is it Cake?
  • Favourite 2022 Oscar Nominee: CODA –  can confidently say they deserved the win.

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