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Meet Andy Wang

Strategy Analyst at Monitor Deloitte

Meet Andy, a Melbourne-based Strategy Analyst at Monitor Deloitte, the strategy arm of Deloitte. He enjoys helping clients solve their most complex issues in strategy, process optimisation and transformation.

So, tell us about a day in your life…

A day in the life of a Strategy Analyst is different every day, it very much depends!

If it’s on the client side, it includes catching up with a few clients and doing some important meetings with key stakeholders and senior executives.

But if it’s a Deloitte office day, you can expect something like a morning stand-up (team meeting) – where we outline the key tasks for the day. We then catch up again in the afternoon to see how we’re tracking and receive some of that really important feedback from our managers.

Towards the end of the day it becomes a bit more relaxed, so if you have something you really want to focus on, there’s a lot of opportunity to remove all socials and do just that. Or if it’s a Friday, you can meet up with your co-workers to grab a drink and have some light-hearted fun!

I think someone should be excited to join Monitor Deloitte for three main reasons:

1) Strategy is the beachhead of the business

We’re the first line of defence for a myriad of issues – whether they’re strategy related, transformation, business design or even innovation or ventures related.

2) Our team plays across a variety of industries

From telco to public sector, to retail or financial services – we work with them all.

3) We work across a bunch of different teams

Strategy is quite well integrated, so it's not unusual to work with someone across the tech, digital or AI team.

It really comes down to what Deloitte calls the “Deloitte experience”. And that's focusing on giving the employees as much flexibility and support as possible. This translates to working flexibly – whether that's working from home, at the client side, in the office or however you please.

That focus also includes giving us flexibility on how we use our time. Providing Deloitte employees a number of opportunities to take leave – whether that's a wellbeing day or focusing on social impact and doing something of value to society. I think those things are really awesome at Deloitte.

This is a bit embarrassing, but a fun fact about me is that when I was younger and learning piano, I couldn’t actually read sheet music. So, what I did instead was I actually labelled all the keys with the letter notation and then memorised all of my songs. And so, whenever somebody asked me to play a song, I could play from memory, and they were really impressed. But in reality it was because I had no choice and had memorised the song because I couldn’t read the sheet music!

A little bit embarrassing, but hopefully that's a bit of fun!

  • Favourite music genre? EDM
  • Favourite movie? The Wolf of Wall Street, Whiplash, The Prestige (hard to choose just one!)
  • Any hobbies? Investing, playing badminton, watching movies
  • Favourite superhero? Batman

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