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Meet Andres Echeverri

FinOps Cloud & Engineering Senior Manager

Meet Andres Echeverri, a Melbourne-based Senior Manager who works in our Cloud & Engineering Advisory team. He is passionate about helping companies to quantify and maximise the business value of the Cloud.

So, tell us about a day in the life …

Usually, I start my weekdays by reviewing my long-term goals, checking my calendar and creating my to-do list for the day. It’s also a big year where we’re developing Deloitte’s FinOps capability and offering, so I try to get up to speed on the latest news and announcements to bring new ideas to the team.

When I don’t have the opportunity to connect with colleagues at the office because I’m working from home, I like to read updates from our internal communication channels to learn what’s happening across the firm.

Most of my day involves working with amazing people and clients on Cloud computing challenges and solutions, and conducting workshops and virtual meetings with clients. I find that exciting because I’m really passionate about the fantastic things organisations can accomplish with Cloud technologies.

Outside work, I love practising sports such as mountain biking, beach volleyball and working out at the gym. On weekends, I like visiting new places and catching up with friends.

From your perspective, how does Cloud help our clients unlock business benefits?

Organisations can enjoy many benefits from implementing Cloud technologies. In particular, I want to mention innovation. Unlocking innovation brings more productivity and creativity to serve customers better and stay relevant in the market. However, governance and controls need to be implemented as part of Cloud transformation programs to ensure the innovation process remains cost-effective..

FinOps, which is my area of specialisation, certainly provides a holistic way to govern and control the deployment of Cloud services from a cost perspective. For example, in recent engagements, we’ve seen that implementing financial controls becomes crucial for public sector clients as they are subject to transparency requirements and legislative oversight when spending government funds.

As part of my job goals, I wanted the exposure to work with many corporate clients when they need advice on embracing the benefits of Cloud technologies and services. Moreover, the mixing of business and technical skills while working with clients is something I was pursuing. Deloitte certainly provides the right environment and coaching support I was seeking to grow my career.

Meeting and working with new people on different projects and scenarios are always learning experiences. I don’t remember facing the same situation twice. I’m that kind of person!

It’s gratifying to see how you can make an impact at scale by working with organisations across Australia. Working in Cloud advisory allows people to work with corporate clients from different industries on cutting-edge technologies while solving business issues. In addition, the culture of connecting with colleagues on various social activities is something I enjoy.

  • Coffee order? - Soy latte
  • Inspirational podcast? -  Cloud Speed by Deloitte UK
  • Favourite sports team? - Richmond Supporter!!

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