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What's your cloud possible?

The unmissable opportunity for Asia Pacific

    Net Zero Cloud

    For many organisations and individuals, it is difficult to measure our impact on the environment. How do our products, services and supply chains impact the planet? Why is sustainability such an important brand decision for our customers? How do we future proof our business to track emissions, set targets and meet government legislation?

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    In the last decade, cloud has been the driving force of technology change in the business environment, so cloud is not a new concept. However, more recently, we have seen a shift in business models and mindsets, that have led to the upsurge in adoption of cloud services.

    Enhanced enterprise security capabilities in online technologies, coupled with the business benefits around productivity, cost reduction and scalability, provide a compelling case for businesses to redefine their business models to operate within the cloud environment.

    Our research has explored the current state of play of cloud adoption across the Asia Pacific markets and industries, looking at the historical and expected investment to come in cloud technology, reasons why organisations are switching to cloud and cloud readiness across the industries.

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    Cloud is at the forefront of all technologies, serving more complex and dynamic requirements of businesses. Yet beyond this fuel of innovation, less has been written about the community of technicians, engineer's, advisors, and enablers of our expanding digitalised society. Our experts close this digital divide wherever you are on the cloud journey.

    We are introducing our 'Humans of Cloud' blog, showcasing our Australian cloud experts who love harnessing the power of data and cloud.

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