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The FinanceAI™ Dossier

Deloitte AI Institute

A selection of high-impact Generative AI use cases in Finance

About the FinanceAI™ Dossier

A curated collection of Generative AI in Finance use cases designed to help spark ideas, reveal value-driving deployments, and set organisations on a road to making the most valuable use of this powerful new technology

Capturing the potential of Generative AI

Generative AI has the potential to transform Finance. Generative AI is powered by data, and Finance creates and relies upon mountains of data. Producing novel content represents a definitive shift in the capabilities of AI, moving it from an enabler of our work to a potential collaborator.

Explore this collection of FinanceAI™ use cases to understand how Generative AI can help improve process efficiency, accelerate innovation, and unlock value.

Blue wave conection dots and lines. Abstract technology background. Science background. Big data. 3d rendering. Network connection.

Explore Finance use cases and see Generative AI in action

FinanceAI™: Harnessing the Power of Finance Modernisation

Finance functions that embrace AI as a collaborator can enhance human capabilities and unlock untapped potential for growth, resilience, and innovation. Learn how to drive value for your organisation with AI in Finance.