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Optimise compliance oversight of third parties with OneView

Instant visibility, risk-based approach

OneView is a customisable, cloud-based solution to manage your network of third parties with delegated authority arrangements for compliance with regulatory and operational obligations, collecting and maintaining data within a single system.

Maintaining oversight of an increasingly complex web of third-party relationships, including agents, distributors, brokers, underwriters, and suppliers, is becoming more burdensome. These tasks have become far-reaching across many industries, with regulatory scrutiny in the Australian market continuing to grow.

Businesses are accountable for the actions and omissions of their relationship partners particularly those with delegated authority arrangements.

OneView provides a single view of what businesses need to know about each third party, at every stage of the relationship - all in one place. With better visibility, you can have greater control of risks and opportunities. The data you collect in OneView can evolve so that it adapts to both the changing regulatory landscape of your business and your partner networks.

OneView can help by:

Providing a risk-based approach to enable the assessment of third-party due diligence activities where you decide what is important to your business, aligned with your priorities and risk appetite

Supporting monitoring, testing, and auditing by facilitating scope generation, due diligence scheduling, the maintenance of evidence, reporting, and action

Enabling seamless communication between you, your third-party partners and other stakeholders for secure and timely data sharing. 

Deloitte can assist you every step of the way by:

  • Facilitating set-up and configuration based on your bespoke needs, including generating risk assessment scores which drive the scope and frequency of due diligence work to be performed on third parties
  • Onboarding your existing network of third-party partners onto the platform and training staff for ongoing use
  • Providing ongoing subject matter expertise as well as technical support to adapt the platform to address business changes
  • Delivering ongoing services and expertise for businesses who wish to outsource this work.

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