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How can we deliver grant programs efficiently?

Grants play a central role in our Government’s ability to provide targeted support to the economy, encourage research & innovation, create social impact, and provide emergency relief. To illustrate the scale of the Australian grant landscape, in FY21 the Federal Government paid out approximately $23.5 billion across 400 grant schemes, with many billions more distributed under State and Local Government initiatives.

A number of these grant programs have been subject to reviews by the Australian National Audit Office. These reviews have identified a number of pressing issues facing grant administrators today which we have analysed below:

Assessment criteria and methodology is how grant administrators ensure each applicant’s subjective and objective details are fairly and consistently considered. Theoretical program objectives are brought to life through the practical application of assessment criteria and this linkage is a frequent focus area of grant program reviews.

Further, restrictive or onerous assessment criteria may have the unintended consequence of limiting the grant distribution to a fraction of the allocated grant pool. Undistributed grant funding has been a recurring theme across Federal and State programs over the past few years.

Consistent application of assessment criteria is a critically important component of a transparent and equitable program. Inconsistencies can result in type I (false exclusion) and type II (false inclusion) errors. The Australian National Audit Office has repeatedly identified departure from program guidelines as a theme in its audits of grant programs.

Administering grant programs requires infrastructure appropriately scaled to the scope and needs of the program and applicants. Significant improvements have been made in this area, but opportunities remain in technology-enabled assessment workflow, reporting and applicant communication portals.

The ANAO has indicated that grant administrators today face a wicked combination of tight timeframes, distressed applicants and limited resources. This can impact consistency, timeliness, or cost, to the detriment of the intended economic, innovation or social impact of the program. 

The role of Deloitte Managed Solution in grant program execution

At Deloitte, we have found that successful grant programs are underpinned by a similar foundation of methodology, systems, process, and operational excellence, we also know that a “one size fits all” approach is rarely appropriate. As a result, we have come up with the following scalable approach to allow organisations to design, build and run effective grants programs:

Our recent work: Case Study

The Australian Government funded a grant program to support an industry significantly disrupted by COVID-19. The total value of the grant pool was in excess of $250 million.

Deloitte designed, built and implemented a process to assess more than 1,500 ‘high value’ applications using an online applicant portal, assessment methodology and toolkit, applicant information request and quality management framework. 

Value delivered: 
  • A custom instance of the Deloitte platform was built within two weeks to act as an applicant portal, communication tool and workflow system
  • Designed the assessment framework, methodology and tools used by the verification team
  • Provided technical accounting and tax advice to overcome complex issues related to assessing the applicants’ financial position
  • Mobilised, onboarded and trained a team of assessors in two weeks
  • Verified all grant applications over a period of 8 weeks including applicant data upload, applicant communication, follow up and outcome reporting.
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