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Australia’s leading dealership performance platform

Drive your business forward

Don’t miss out on value-generating opportunities anymore; choose ProfitFocus™. ProfitFocus™ is a web-based platform with the ability to visualise critical dealer performance metrics and generate improvement insights, brought to life by specialist support from Deloitte’s automotive advisory team.


Comprehensive understanding of actual and comparative performance, enabling targeted actions to enhance competitiveness.

Specialist industry teams to support the identification and execution of actionable plans and activities.

Adapt and align strategies to stay ahead in a rapidly evolving automotive landscape, by analysing industry comparisons and performance data to identify emerging trends and market shifts.

Robust security measures to protect sensitive dealership data, thereby protecting the confidentiality and integrity of information.

Leverage advanced data visualisation techniques to easily interpret and analyse data, gaining a comprehensive understanding of your performance metrics.

Capitalise on historical and diverse data sets to gain valuable insights and a holistic view into dealership progress.

Discover a sharper picture of your dealership or dealer network

One of the hallmarks of best-practice dealerships is the ability to fine tune the business to what’s happening in the market – it’s like adjusting your driving to the conditions on the road. This agility sets apart the benchmark dealers in the industry.

Visibility across your dealership or dealer network is essential to manage performance and track how your operations are performing against defined goals. The ProfitFocus™ philosophy is to help you generate data-driven insights supported by an expert team of automotive industry specialists so that you can fine tune the performance of your business.

Dealers will directly input raw data into ProfitFocus’s easy-to-use online platform. ProfitFocus™ will then generate performance dashboards and reporting for your business to use daily.

You can rely on this data to objectively assess your operations and discover opportunities by monitoring and measuring performance against key consolidated industry benchmarks and metrics. No other platform has the benchmarking capability of ProfitFocus™, first in the Australian market, and now represents over 1,8500 dealers across Australia and New Zealand.

Our ProfitFocus™ team has extensive experience working with dealers, distributors, and manufacturers across Australia, New Zealand and Asia. We can help you to dig deeper into the data and interpret the insights generated to uncover opportunities and improve performance.

Easy for Dealers

ProfitFocus™ offers dealers a superior experience including local technical and onboarding support, a simple upload process for their data and easy-to-read self-service dynamic dashboards and reports.

Dealers can also consider leveraging the features of ProfitFocus™ as part of their pursuit for sustainable growth and profitability. They are also invited to annual industry overviews, quarterly franchise network reviews and can request facilitated workshops designed to foster strategic thinking and share better practices.

Speak to us today and discover how we can help you monitor your performance.


How does it work?

1) Data Upload: ProfitFocus™ lets dealers upload financial, non-financial, operational, and third-party information directly from data management systems via auto-upload. Standardisation of dealer data enables the generation of aggregate and comparative data.

2) Benchmarking: ProfitFocus™ compares this information against the local, regional, and global automotive network, peers, and industry. Customised reports include industry insights, franchise insights, dealer insights and performance tuning reports. The comparison data and Deloitte’s automotive specialist expertise can help you to uncover opportunities to improve performance and long-term sustainable dealership network profitability.

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