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Equipment Condition Supervisor

The intelligent condition monitoring assistant that works with you to enhance equipment reliability.


Imagine a world where assets never fail unexpectedly, operate at peak efficiency over longer lives and deliver optimal value from the resources used to build, maintain and operate them. That’s the world ECS is aiming to create, by driving proactive maintenance using data.


Practical reliability

Equipment Condition Supervisor (ECS) is made for Reliability Engineers and Condition Monitoring Analysts who are responsible for identifying and managing risks that affect asset reliability and operations. ECS combines industry-leading data analysis with human input in order to offer a condition-monitoring capability that can be trained and tailored.

Our mission is to equip maintenance and reliability teams with the ability to make a tangible difference to equipment reliability and productivity. We do this by eliminating the transactional and manual processes that have typically been a large part of an engineers’ analysis work, thus freeing up time for humans to focus on the proactive aspects of keeping equipment in optimal condition.


Reduced maintenance costs

By proactively monitoring and addressing component conditions in real time, organisations reduce overall maintenance costs. In the UK alone, $180 billion is spent per year fixing faulty equipment.

Reduce unscheduled downtime

Avoiding unscheduled downtime means less equipment output is sacrificed. Time spent fixing issues also cuts into time spent serving other areas of the business.

A commitment to sustainability

Using ECS, companies responsible for heavy equipment can ensure the equipment is functioning in a way that better supports environmental and sustainability goals.

Accurate data analysis

A constantly updated pool of information and recommendations based on big data allows organisations to make better decisions, set KPIs and measure operational outputs effectively.

A global intelligence network

The technology behind ECS is developed on a global scale meaning learnings from one asset class can be utilised for the next. Knowledge of assets is gathered globally and ECS learns from this in order to benefit all clients.

Knowledge gained and shared

Condition monitoring decisions are shared across teams and captured for future analysis. There is less reliance on the skills of individuals and knowledge is not lost when they leave.

Clients leveraging the power of ECS

ECS has helped organisations move from transactional, manual data collection to proactive condition monitoring led by insights that aim to constantly improve and increase operational productivity.

We are currently used across dozens of sites in Australia and Zambia, and in total, ECS manages more than 800 heavy industrial assets.

Client Stories/ Use Cases

Global Miner - Condition Monitoring Automation

The Brief: This Global Miner was looking to optimise the performance of critical mobile assets and extend component life.Enabling this capability is estimated to unlock $130m in savings on one fleet of ultra class haul trucks, through component life extensions alone.

The Approach: Deloitte was engaged to support the global miner to develop and verify prognostic rules based on condition monitoring data (oil analysis, onboard sensors) and use these rules to automate a significant proportion of reliability decision-making.Once a current state assessment of haul fleet life cycle cost was performed, objectives for component life extensions through better reliability decisions were quantified. The approach followed was to think big, test small, and scale fast.

Key Wins:

  • $5 million estimated component savings after phase 1.
  • 3,000 prognostic rules generally applicable to diesel drive mobile mining equipment set up.
  • Semi-automated 60% of condition monitoring decisions based on oil analysis and data analytics.

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