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Converge™ by Deloitte

Power up to modern banking

Modernise your business, launch a new digital proposition, or build a digital bank from the ground up, with Converge™ by Deloitte. For retail and small business banking.


Rapidly shifting customer expectations, fast-moving regulatory disruption, and an explosion of digital-only banks and fintechs driving increased competition: this is the new digital era for banking.

Whether you’re looking to grow your customer base, reduce your operating costs, or transform your entire business model, this digital era offers limitless opportunities. But navigating the journey can feel overwhelming. And when it feels as though there are an infinite set of decisions to make, where do you start? We can help you break down that complexity and reduce thousands of decisions into the few that really count.



A different approach for digital banking

Welcome to the new model

The expense and risk of building everything in-house, or the inflexibility of single vendor solutions? For too long banks have been pushed into making this difficult choice. We believe there is a better way – where you get the best of buy and build. Flexibility, control and competitive edge, without compromising on cost transformation and pace. With BankingSuite you get the software you need to move towards your goals quickly and cost effectively, but with the freedom to refine, extend and make it your own. Spend less time figuring out the fundamentals, and more on what really matters: setting your business apart.

Experience, methodologies and research: Real experience delivering digital transformation for banks all over the world, the latest customer research, and methodologies honed through lessons learned.

Curated ecosystem: Our curated ecosystem of best-in-breed fintechs has been tried and tested. Access pre-configured integrations, orchestrated to work for your specific use cases.

BankingSuite: Our modern, composable banking platform integrates the ecosystem with our own cutting-edge software and fills the gaps between what’s out there and what you need to succeed – helping to save you thousands of hours of development effort.

Modernise your business

Launch new propositions

A modern platform for modern banks

BankingSuite is the modern, composable platform that underpins how we deliver for you. Software that helps you get to your goals quickly but with the flexibility to extend, refine and make your own. You can choose from individual capabilities to modernise specific parts of your business, or take the full stack to build new propositions quickly.

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Our global BankingSuite experience


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fintechs integrated


BIAN Informed API endpoints


3rd gen core implementations


Accelerate market offerings and grow revenue.

We save you thousands of development hours enabling you to bring new innovative products and services to market in months, not years.

Enhance reach & retention.

Build experiences your customers love with user-centric features and UI design out-of-the-box, with the ability to build differentiating features on top that are authentic to your brand and customers.

Access the best fintech players.

Access a curated ecosystem of cutting-edge technology companies that have been tried and tested, with integrations pre-configured and orchestrated to work and scale for your specific use cases.

De-risk your investment.

Skip the painful learning curve and leverage the experience we’ve gained delivering digital transformation for banks all over the world.

Reduce cost to serve.

Drive new efficiencies with access to composable architecture, reducing operational expenses, capital expenditure, and contractual obligations.

Unlock value at every turn.

We’ll help you map out the various routes to achieving your goals, and pick one step to take at a time, focusing on delivering value for your business incrementally throughout your journey.

Composable architecture.

Everything we’ve built has the flexibility for you to extend, control and make your own. Change the flow, swap providers, configure in multiple different ways to meet your unique needs.

Own your future.

You’re not locked into individual vendors, giving you freedom to evolve your capabilities over time. If needed, we offer services to operate and run your new capabilities until you’re ready to take over.

Custom build when you need it.

You can focus your build efforts on the features that make a difference. Where you need support, you’ll have access to the best of our strategy, design and engineering talent to help you do this.

Protect against cyberthreats.

With security built in, BankingSuite helps you put the right controls in place to provide the highest level of privacy and to protect your data against cyberthreats.

Meet compliance obligations.

Drawing on our experience helping clients to navigate risk and regulation, we help enable complete adherence to CISO and regulatory requirements.

Stay up to speed.

Our specialist cloud engineering teams are on call to support and upskill your team where required. We can help you evolve your controls, giving you ongoing resilience against threats.

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