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Frequently Asked Questions

Your questions, answered!

Check out our frequently asked questions below. Please note that these responses pertain to the 2024 competition; the format for 2025 may slightly differ.

A case competition requires teams tackle a business problem, known as the "case," to analyse and devise solutions within a set timeframe. It simulates real-world business scenarios, testing analytical, strategic, and presentation skills, while providing a practical insight into the consulting industry.

Deloitte's Climate & Engineering team provides expert advice and innovative solutions that reimagine organisations, industries, and the built environment for a sustainable and resilient future.

With a focus on Asset Management & Performance, Climate & Sustainability, and Smart Industries, our diverse team of professionals tackles some of the most pressing global challenges. This multidisciplinary approach drives our projects and opens opportunities for Students and Graduates from all backgrounds to join us in making a meaningful impact.

For further insights into our team members' experiences, check out this blog post featuring Melissa, who shares her experience as a graduate within our Climate & Engineering team in Brisbane.

Teams should consist of 2-4 students, open to any university student from QLD or NSW. If you're registering as an individual, Deloitte will make every effort to group you with other individuals from your state to form a team, and team allocations will be communicated via email.

Your team is expected to prepare a 15-slide written response to the case.

For a clearer understanding of how to effectively approach the case, we encourage Brisbane-based students to attend the Crack the Case Workshop. This workshop is invaluable for gaining insights into solving previous cases. However, rest assured that all teams will receive guidance on what their response must include directly within the case itself.

It’s important to note that submissions can be refined between competition rounds, and feedback will be provided after each stage, aiding in your team's development and improvement, regardless of whether you progress to the next round.

You will have just under a week to prepare your response, starting from when the case is released on Tuesday 2 April at 9am AEST until the submission deadline on Monday 8 April at 9am AEST.

Teams who progress past the first round will have the opportunity to update their response based on feedback from the team.

Team responses are captured for each of the following competition stages:

  1. First round: Submit by Monday. 8 April 9am AEST
  2. Semi-finals: Submit by Wednesday, 10 April 4pm AEST
  3. Geo finals:
    QLD teams: Submit by Monday. 15 April 4pm AEST
    NSW teams: Submit by Wednesday, 17 April 4pm AEST

To submit your response, simply upload a PDF of your solution via the hyperlinked surveys, which will open as the competition advances and close as stated above.

If your team progresses past the initial round, you can present your solution in a 10-minute pitch, followed by a 5-minute question and answer session.

The semi-finals and geo finals are hosted in person at local universities with our partnering 180 Degrees Consulting Society or at your local Deloitte office. For those in remote or rural locations, a virtual presentation option is available to ensure everyone can participate. This option will be organised and shared via email at the same time your team is notified of their successful progression to the next competition stage.

We recommend Brisbane-based students attend the Crack the Case Workshop to gain insight into previous cases and learn effective problem-solving strategies. For those unable to attend, rest assured that all teams will receive guidance directly within the case itself.

This workshop, facilitated by the 180 Degrees Consulting society at the Queensland University of Technology, offers essential insights. You'll learn to analyse problems in a structured manner, craft effective communication within a 15-slide format, and grasp key success factors for your responses. You'll also gain valuable resources and sharpen your skills for the competition.

Workshop details:

  • Thursday 21 March 5:30pm – 7:30pm AEST (with 180 Degrees Consulting at Queensland University of Technology)

Please note that the workshop will only be held in person. We apologise for any inconvenience caused to remote, rural or interstate students. As this event is open to the public, we recommend you register for the workshop to secure your spot.

For comprehensive research and case analysis, we recommend you consider the following resources:

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For general enquiries, please email us at, including your state in the subject line, to ensure a representative managing your geo responds.

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