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Meet Melissa, Climate and Engineering Grad in Brisbane

Time out with a Deloitte Grad

Our Graduate Program can open the door for you to work on exciting projects with clients from all over the world, and provide the opportunity for life-changing career moves. Melissa talks us through some of the exciting projects she's worked on, and her move inter-state.

Meet Melissa Bandara, Climate and Engineering Grad

Hi Melissa, tell us about your role at Deloitte and what it involves?

As a graduate in the Brisbane Climate and Engineering Consulting Team, I  work closely with my team to help solve the complex business problems that our global clients face by enhancing their operations performance. 

It's exciting, challenging and scratches that part of my mind that keeps me engaged. For the past year I have been part of a team doing multi-tier supply analysis into a major auto original equipment manufacturer.

In that role, I have supported the development of innovative multi-tier risk sensing solutions and acted in an advisory capacity to explore the implications of various geo-political/economic shocks through the perspective of an automotive manufacturer

What work have you been most excited about since starting with us?

Working with a global automotive manufacturer has been a highlight during my grad experience. It has given me the opportunity to work on international issues such as supply exposure to the recent COVID-induced Shanghai lockdowns,  with subject matter experts in supply chain resilience, innovation, industrial re-design, and data analytics.

Being able to understand how the work that I do contributes to a much larger picture and witnessing the impact of my team's efforts on global decision-making is exciting. The chance to shape global supply decisions and support major clients in securing their supply chains has been a challenging and fulfilling introduction to the world of consulting.

How has the graduate program supported you in launching your career?

The Deloitte graduate program helped set me up for success from my very first day at Deloitte. The program provided a seamless transition from university life to the world of consulting. Consulting training, network opportunities and the continuous support from my team were all pivotal in making my transition successful.

Moving interstate was also a big step for me, and the graduate program allowed me to meet so many likeminded individuals from different educational disciplines and business units. The colleagues I met on day one, both from my graduate cohort and my business unit, have now turned into some of my dearest and closest of friends.

I know that the consulting fundamentals that I am learning through Deloitte not only help me in my career but in my day to day.  I have so many opportunities at Deloitte, it's hard to know where to start. 

What does a typical day at Deloitte look like?

Here's what a typical day in the office looks like for me:

7:25 - Catch the bus

8:00 - Find a hot-desk by the window and check emails

9:00 - Coffee with the Junior Team

9:15 - Project Team Stand-Up

9:30 - Project Work - Research & Story Boarding

12:00 - Lunch & Learn - Communicating Strategically

 1:00 - Project Work - Slide Development

2:00 - Coffee catch-up with my career coach

2:30 - Industrial Re-design and Innovation Community Call

4:00 - Project work - Practice

4:30 - Partner Slide Deck Review & Feedback

6:00 - Social netball with the team!

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