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We work best when we’re at our best.

When it comes to managing wellbeing, there’s no one-size-fits-all all. That’s why our priority is creating flexibility and choice to empower our people to take charge of their time, energy and wellbeing.

We each have a responsibility to foster a community where we all feel empowered to ask for help and to take action when we spot the signs that someone might be struggling.

Ellen Derrick, Consulting Manager Partner

Taking action

Setting standards for mental health

In January 2021, we introduced a mental health baseline that outlines clear expectations around ways of working. We’re educating leaders, working to reduce stigma, and actively cultivating a culture that supports positive mental health.

Working smarter, not harder

In 2023, we launched Work Well, a firmwide transformation program to shift towards modern ways of working. This includes giving people permission to work flexibly, support for our teams to work more effectively, and incentives to motivate healthy behaviours.

Valuing rest, so we can be at our best

A key feature of Work Well is the cultivation of a ‘Refresh Culture’. It starts with leaders respecting people’s boundaries as well as setting and valuing boundaries for themselves.

The Deloitte Experience

The Deloitte Experience (DX) empowers our people to make choices about where they work based on their client, team and individual needs and how they connect with their clients and each other.

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Rewarding our people

We celebrate our people by providing meaningful benefits to recognise their
contribution. This includes more than 400 perks and discounts, so they can save
where it matters most. 

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Corporate Mental Health Alliance

Deloitte is a proud founding member of the Corporate Mental Health Alliance, recognising the challenges that all organisations, and more broadly, our community face in addressing mental health challenges. Fifteen organisations across Australia have come together to form the Corporate Mental Health Alliance.

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