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Promoting Diversity & Inclusion - Hiroki Amano's Story

Read on to hear Hiroki share his impactful journey at Deloitte Japan, where he has been a valued member of the web administration team since December 2010.

In addition to his professional role, Hiroki takes on the important task of promoting diversity and inclusion within the workplace.

I have been with Deloitte Japan since December 2010 as part of the professional services firm, where I work in the web administration team. I also take on the role of promoting diversity and inclusion.

To me, an inclusive workplace is one where everyone feels comfortable and confident just being themselves. It's all about being friendly, open, and supportive.

In terms of inclusion and accessibility, I'd like people to understand that it's essential to listen to and engage with everyone, including individuals like myself. Everyone has their unique perspective, and there's no one-size-fits-all solution. 

One of the greatest benefits of working here is that we receive fair performance evaluations and rewards based on our professional contributions.

Unlike some Japanese companies that offer lower salaries in exchange for welfare support, we're treated as equals.

The firm has been supportive, with leaders who are dedicated to diversity and inclusion, and they provide us with daily opportunities to showcase our abilities.

Personally, I've faced challenges related to accepting my authentic self, particularly with my schizophrenia. The firm has provided accommodations and support that have helped me gain confidence in my true self.

I've found that working from home, which is supported by our firm, has been helpful for me. It has made me more energetic and less fatigued from the daily commute.

Our workplace ensures that my accessibility needs are met through small breaks, a flexible work style, and effective communication. This has not only positively impacted my work but has also created a more supportive atmosphere for everyone. 

Looking ahead, I believe our firm could further empower and provide skills development opportunities for those with diverse abilities. But I am pleased that we have over 300 colleagues with diverse abilities.

Some work in the office as administrative support and some run the office café. We are also running an IT internship program for undergraduate people who are neurodivergent, and have hired 20 from the program. So, with the resources we have, it's an achievable goal to support diversity and inclusion, and it is greatly appreciated.