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Meet Tristan Dwyer, Data & AI Manager

Meet Tristan, a London based manager in the Strategic Transformation team who recently transferred from our Sydney office. He is passionate about how investments in data and analytics are making an impact for the customers of banks, stock exchanges and insurance companies globally.  

So, tell us about a day in the life … 

I work with world leading banks, stock exchanges and financial services companies to make them insight driven organisations, build exciting new products and protect their customer’s data.
No two days in consulting are ever the same, especially in the field of data. My work spans from workshops with financial service companies to change their strategic direction, to debugging code, running training on best practices and then hopping on a plane to the next client (I’m typing this whilst in Heathrow). 

As this blog series shows, Deloitte is full of talented, creative and driven people. It makes solving challenging client problems a blast and ensures you’re always learning from those around you.  

There are very few jobs which give you the opportunity to change country, work on international client engagements and experiment with new technologies each day. It’s a unique organisation which allows you to bring an A-team together to address meaningful issues. 

I love my job because I get to solve challenging and meaningful problems. Whether that is trying to predict the future with AI, influencing the strategic direction of a global company or building a new application, every day gives me the chance to work on something unique and meaningful. 

Because it gives you opportunities. Opportunity to influence the direction of global organisations and see the results on the cover of the AFR. Opportunity to use the best tools and technology in the market to tackle unsolved problems. Opportunity to work with leading subject matter experts to generate new ideas. You truly get the chance to guide your own career at Deloitte and chose what challenges you get exposed to. Deloitte will also support you with amazing mentors which help you make the most of the experience.

It has been an exciting change! The competitiveness of the market, regulatory requirements and challenges with data all differ subtly from APAC and provides an opportunity for me to bring some of the innovative thinking from the Australian firm to address the problems faced by global clients.  

Whilst some things differ, the UK office feels like an extension of the team back home. The people I’m working with have that same drive, intelligence and energy of the Australian firm and has made the transition to working 16,000 km away from Australia feel smooth.

  • Podcast recommendation? - The Coffee Club Podcast, features three Australian/New Zealand Olympians who talk about their love of coffee with occasional tangents about running. 
  • TV series recommendation? -  True detective, can’t recommend highly enough (Season 1 only).
  • Hobbies? - I’ve recently got into brewing beer which is a lot of fun. It’s surprisingly like following the recipe to bake a cake. Experiencing some mixed results but lots of fun to experiment with. 

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