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Meet Sierra Yap, Data & AI Graduate

Meet Sierra, a Melbourne-based Graduate in our Data & AI team, which is part of the Strategy & AI practice in our Consulting Business Unit. She is passionate about deepening her knowledge and skill-set through exploring her clients analytical troubles.

So, tell us about a day in the life … 

I have been at Deloitte for a bit more than three months now and I have possibly joined the best team there is. The people are so welcoming and are all so supportive in my learning and experience. Coming to Deloitte and still to this day, I have no clue what area I want to specialise in but I have been given so much support and opportunity to branch out, experience and learn a wide range of skills and concepts. 

Previously, my project role was as a Business Analyst (which I surprisingly enjoyed) and I will be working as a Test Analyst soon!

Outside of Deloitte I live a simple life. I love playing the piano and am always looking for new pieces to learn. Getting outside for walks and runs is important to me, as well spending time with friends and roommates.

Why Deloitte? 

Initially I didn’t apply to Deloitte for any specific reason apart from the obvious; it’s a Big4, it will open doors to so many opportunities in all its forms and I will learn a plethora of skills. However, after starting, I found the work environment is just unbeatable. The culture of the entire office, our team and the flexibility to work from home is always good.

Why do you love your job?

With whichever company I worked for, one of the necessary things I needed was a safe, comfortable, welcoming work environment and culture. Deloitte has just that! The amount of support and care that I have received from everyone is out of this world. They all are genuinely invested in each other’s success, interests and learning. I also genuinely love the work. I have been learning so many new skills whilst continuously finding new things that spark my interests in data & AI. 

Why should someone be excited about joining your team? 

I can’t express how fantastic this team is. It is one of the most welcoming, supportive and comfortable team that makes you feel at home and in place as soon as you join. They are incredibly inclusive and will always support any opportunity you take.

  • Coffee order? - Chai Latte on skim.
  • TV series recommendation? -  Brooklyn 99 is a fan favourite.
  • Best Mum/Dad joke? - What do you call a fish with no eyes? A fsh. 


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