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Meet Sasha Ignatieva, Manager in Reporting & Advisory

We sat down with Sasha Ignatieva, a Manager in the ESG Reporting & Advisory team at Deloitte Melbourne. She shares insights into her journey at Deloitte, her career highlights, and how the firm's supportive culture has contributed to her success.  

Read on to hear Sasha discuss her rewarding path as a leader, the value of Deloitte's development programs, and her perspective on maintaining work-life balance through hybrid and remote working. 

Tell us about your role at Deloitte and what it involves?

I’m a manager in the ESG Reporting & Advisory team sitting under Deloitte’s Climate and Sustainability practice. Day-to-day, my role involves supporting clients in applying sustainability and climate-related disclosure standards, including IFRS S1 and S2, and TCFD. In addition, we are supporting clients by helping educate and get them ready for sustainability and climate-related disclosures.

I have been in this team for 5 months, and prior to that was in another A&A Deloitte team for almost 5 years.

During my career at Deloitte, I’ve changed teams using the pathways program. This positively impacted my career as I felt I needed a change focus area to align with work that I was more interested in, which helped keep me engaged and motivated to continue to work at Deloitte.

I have been at Deloitte for just over five years, and I’ve stayed because of the variety of work I get to do and the talented people I get to learn and work with.

What does hybrid or remote working look like for you?

I work 2-3 days in the office per week and the other 2-3 days from home. This helps me maintain work-life balance because on my home days I am able to save on commute time and use my lunch break to exercise or complete home admin activities.

Have you take part in any of the leadership, development programs or pathways? 

I have taken part in the Inspiring Women’s program, which was without a doubt the best program I have experienced at my time at Deloitte. The ability to connect with other women in the firm and learn that I am not the only one experiencing certain feelings was very comforting. The program positively impacted my progression because it reinforced what is important to me and made me realize what kind of leader I want to be.

You’ve previously worked part-time. How did this arrangement allow you to balance your professional and personal responsibilities? 

I previously worked part-time when I was supporting a family member with child caring responsibilities. I was very grateful that my team was supportive of my part-time hours and allowed me to commit to my personal responsibilities.

I was clear in my communication about when my non-working day was, and the team supported me by being flexible with my schedule for client meetings and internal deadlines. 

I was very grateful that my team was supportive of my part-time hours and allowed me to commit to my personal responsibilities.

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