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Meet Peri - Financial Advisory Grad in Canberra

Time out with a Deloitte Grad

Read on to learn how Peri, a Graduate within our Forensic team in Financial Advisory structures her day working from home and what work has her most excited.

Meet Peri Nawrocki, Financial Advisory Grad in our Forensic team

Hi Peri, tell us about your role at Deloitte and what it involves?

As part of the Forensic team no two days are the same! I have had the chance to be on a number of exciting projects including investigations, risk assessments, reports and even international seminars.

As a graduate I get the chance to be a part of most aspects of these projects from interviewing people, to writing the reports to presenting and the longer I am in my role the more chance I have to specialise in the work that interests me.

Currently, I really enjoy the international aid aspect of my work and I am eager to explore this side of my work more. 

What work have you been most excited about since starting with us?

An investigation in my team that I got to do quite early on in my grad role.

I got to interview people and travel for it. It was really interesting to see how that whole process worked.

The director I worked with as well really made me feel like a equal in the team and it was a great experience where I felt really respected and I could see the effects of my work


How has the graduate program supported you in launching your career?

The grad  program has been awesome for my career, this was my first proper “office” job so being able to be apart of a team that has such a wide variety of skills and expertise has been amazing and really set me up for success.

The graduate program was also a great chance to start work with people who have similar experiences to you and the graduate cohort I started with has been a great support network.

What does a typical day at Deloitte look like?

WFH day

 7:30 an early wake up for me where I get some breakfast, hang out with my dogs and enjoy a bit of the morning without having to rush off to brave the dreaded commute. 

8:30 I start work and spend the first bit of my morning planning for my day, I check in with my engagement managers, if it’s a particularly busy day I will create a to do list to focus myself for the day. 

9:30-12:30 this is where I get my focus work done, I will chuck on some music or a podcast and do a few hours of focus work as I find that I am the most productive before lunch. It’s important to know when you’re working your best and really utilise this. 

12:30 I treat myself to a homemade lunch, this is a really great benefit of working from home, I save money and get to enjoy a nice hot meal without having to pay for a café. I will watch a show or I’ll take advantage of the slow midday and go to the gym, getting a work out in before it gets busy.

1:30 I then have a catch up with my coach, we look at the projects I’ve been on recently as well as any projects I want to get on and we do a forward plan. I have one of these catch ups every fortnight. 

2:30-4 I do some more focus work and do my best to finish tasks in this time, if I have any blockers I will reach out to my engagement managers for assistance and start to plan my next day. 

4:00 I use this time to wrap up my work, finishing anything that needs to be done, I complete my timesheets and schedules. Not having to commute home means I can enjoy my evening straight away; I get ready to go to a weekly pub trivia I do with some of my work friends. We haven’t got worse than 6th place yet. 

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