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Meet Maseeh Daudi, Actuarial Graduate

Meet Maseeh, a Sydney-based Actuarial Graduate in our Consulting Business Unit. He is passionate about learning, communicating and applying his analytical skills to add value to his team.

So, tell us about a day in the life … 

I like to start my day with some exercise to keep me energised for the workday ahead. 

The activities in my day can range from client meetings, which I have now been lucky enough to experience in person as well as virtually in our hybrid environment. Most of my work strikes an interesting balance between technical quantitative work as well as qualitative work. 

On a given day I could be analysing code to understand models, developing my own code to build models, or even just using code to automate tedious tasks and continue to test my skills.

On the qualitative side, I often participate in discussions which may require thorough research on the topic at hand. As actuaries we love to consider the various risks involved and how these can be mitigated to provide the best experience for our clients.

There are endless reasons for ‘Why Deloitte?’. The main value Deloitte echoes throughout the organisation which resonates with me is diversity and inclusion. Our team embraces talented individuals from various backgrounds, both academic and cultural. 

From my time at Deloitte, despite being only a graduate, I have always felt that I was able to speak up. Deloitte fosters an inclusive environment making everyone comfortable to use their voice.

Every day brings a new learning experience. Being surrounded by professionals of all backgrounds allows me to learn different skills and apply them to various situations. Being in consulting exposes you to a range of different projects. The work may differ by industry or even by nature, the work I have been involved in has challenged me differently with each new project.

Aside from this Deloitte offers a flexible working environment. I have the option to work from home on any given day or go to our office. I can also use my flex hours to work during times that best suit my needs.

Our team provides a unique mix between traditional actuarial work and expands into the growing and exiting data analytics field. If you are as passionate about learning as I am, you will love the environment Deloitte offers. The talented people you are surrounded by are friendly and will offer support and you’ll also have the opportunity to get involved in work which will be interesting and impactful. 

  • Coffee order? - I don’t drink coffee
  • TV series recommendation? - The Office
  • Favourite game? - Football (soccer)
  • Favourite sports team? - FC Barcelona

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