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Meet Beth Dingwall, Data & AI Senior Consultant

Meet Beth Dingwall, a Canberra-based Senior Consultant in our Data & AI team, which is part of the Strategy and AI practice in our Consulting Business Unit. She is passionate about data management and enabling data driven decision making.


So, tell us about a day in the life … 

I’ve been at Deloitte for two and a half years now. I began as a vacationer whilst I was finishing up my Bachelor of Mathematics at the Australian National University. Despite being a social creature, I have slowly learnt to love the flexibility of working from home. I have experienced a range of project roles and areas within data at Deloitte from developer, business analyst and data management specialist. I love to understand the bigger picture of data for our clients and assess their data governance needs from an enterprise level. I also enjoy flexing my technical muscles at any chance but thrive in a collaborative environment where communication is key.

Outside of work I live a busy life involving eating and drinking my way around Canberra and spending time with friends and family. I stay active through dance and acro-yoga classes several times a week. Otherwise, I’ll be binge watching Netflix and trying to get through my forever growing ‘to be read‘ book pile.

I was drawn to Deloitte for the variety of opportunities and experience. Consulting always interested me as a way of combining my technical and logistical problem-solving skills with communication and people skills.

Deloitte continuously proves to me that I made the right decision, at every turn diversity, inclusion and making an impact is at the heart of everything we do. 

The real reason I’ve stuck around at Deloitte is the amazing people I work with in my team and across our national offices, the support and encouragement to grow has been incredible. I’ve worked with some great people across a range of Federal Government clients, the projects are always exciting and different but the people at Deloitte are always outstanding and great to work with. 

Data & AI in Canberra has been on an incredible journey. During my time we have grown from a team of seven to close to 40. With that growth we have managed to maintain and grow an incredible culture of friendliness and support whilst picking up some very skilled resources. We all work hard for our clients, but the key focus is always on our team and ensuring we are operating at the best we can be. Its more than just a business unit, we are a part of something real that is making a big impact for our clients and the Australian public. 

  • Coffee order? - Hot Chocolate or Sprite (I love lemonade)
  • TV series recommendation? - Stranger Things (obvs)
  • Best Dad/Mum joke? - That’s what she said (classic)

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