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Meet Antoine Memin, Strategy Director

Meet Antoine, a Brisbane-based Director in our Strategy team, which is part of the SAI practice in our Consulting Business Unit. He is passionate about his newborn, working across different industries and making a difference by solving really complex problems.

So, tell us about a day in the life … 

As a new dad, the only constant thing in my day is providing the 6am feed to my newborn!

As for most people in consulting, days vary significantly but generally my day is made up of:

  • Meeting with my project teams to check how people are doing, review progress, brainstorm ideas and provide feedback
  • Participating or leading working sessions with clients to support them in defining their strategy, operating model or solving problems in general
  • Working with account and proposal teams to identify most critical problems that our clients are facing and defining how we can best help; and
  • Running interviews or trainings to identify or help develop our next generation of talent.

I originally decided to join Deloitte because I believed that joining an established large strategy team would allow me to get exposure to interesting problems and develop my skills faster. I have not been disappointed, as over my six years at Deloitte I have had the chance to work across many industries (insurance, consumer goods, mining, public sector, telecommunication, media …) on problems including corporate strategy, M&A, Operating Model and Strategic Transformations.

There are two main reasons why working at Deloitte still excite me:

  • The people I get work with: from the highly motivated and talented professionals who  are always willing to learn and provide a perspective, to the senior experts from around the world that I can interact with when I have any pressing question; and
  • The intellectual challenge: being called upon to deal with some of our clients’ most complex problems and being able to make a difference to their organisations.

This job can be demanding, but brings a lot of pros.

I get to work with motivated and smart people, have a lot of flexibility in terms of where and how I want to work, provide opportunities to work on a wide variety of problems for clients in a field that I am interested in, provide the ability to switch areas, geographies … should I decide that it’s time for me to see something else, and enable me to contribute to the future of my practice by helping develop people, shape perspectives and define where to focus my effort.

Monitor Deloitte has something to offer for talented individuals at any level:

  • As a junior, this team is a great place to get exposure to a wide variety of problems, deal with the C-suite of companies and develop key skills to have a successful career: structured thinking, analytical, facilitation and communication skills; and
  • As a more senior hire, Monitor Deloitte will provide you the opportunity to shape your own journey, working with and being supported by some of the best talent in the country and solving strategy problems for iconic organisations.
  • Coffee order? - Flat white (simple person)
  • Book recommendation? - Midnight in Chernobyl 
  • Favourite movie? - Gladiator (a cool story with action, a dash of romance in a Peplum – what else would anyone want?)
  • Favourite sports team? - Toronto Raptors


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