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Designing Deloitte for Everyone

Australian Access and Inclusion Plan 2023 - 2026

Our Australian Access and Inclusion Plan details our commitments over the next three years to make Deloitte a workplace that’s free from barriers. This includes a target to double the percentage of people living with disabilities at Deloitte by 2026.

Our plan aligns with the social model of disability, which teaches us that it isn’t a person’s disability that challenges their full participation but rather the external barriers that society imposes upon them. We need to shift attitudes, behaviours and perceptions to break down these barriers. 

Download a copy of Designing Deloitte for Everyone – Australian Access and Inclusion Plan.

  • Expand employment
    We're doubling the percentage of people living with disability at Deloitte by 2026.

  • Design for diversity
    We're creating design guidelines so all our office spaces and any upgrades meet a gold standard for inclusion.

  • Level the digital playing field
    We're pushing the boundaries with assistive technology to make our online content accessible for everyone.
  • Prioritise people over process
    We're ensuring our recruitment and onboarding processes are accessible to everyone who comes through our doors.

  • Accessibility education
    We're training our people to be disability inclusive and an ally to people in the accessibility community.

  • Support everyone to thrive
    We're establishing processes for equitable career development and progression for everyone at every stage of their careers.
  • Lead the way
    We're partnering with the business community to create change and further accessibility inclusion in our society.

  • Awareness and action
    We're empowering our people to act on accessibility inclusion and practice allyship.

  • Raise the standard
    We're tracking our ongoing improvement and will measure our progress against the national index.

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Access and Inclusion Plan 2023 - 2026

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