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Rapidly respond to new supply chain, finance and other demands with SAP® solutions and ready-to-deploy capabilities

For enterprise leaders responsible for business operations and innovation, recent events have raised the stakes. As the COVID-19 crisis continues to put business to the test, organisations in almost every industry are being forced to rapidly transform the supply chain, the finance function, the customer experience and the workforce experience. And for many organisations, a way forward can involve SAP solutions, including the SAP S/4HANA® digital core ERP, SAP® Ariba® procurement solutions and SAP’s Qualtrics® experience management platform.

To help you rapidly address needs related to the COVID-19 crisis and respond at the pace of disruption with “built to evolve” Kinetic Enterprise™ capabilities, Deloitte has a spectrum of SAP-focussed solutions and services at the ready.

Whether you want to get ahead of new risks, pivot production, shore up the bottom line, support evolving workforce needs, build brand strength, or do something else to transform your business, Deloitte can help. Our team has identified more than a dozen rapidly deployable offerings that can allow you to tap the power of intelligent, insights-driven SAP technologies to address challenges from the COVID-19 crisis. 

A team for challenging times

Addressing the COVID-19 crisis and getting to the “next normal” likely will require industry-specific guidance and a spectrum of skills that extend across business and technology needs. That’s where Deloitte can help, providing critical solutions and services for enabling a more resilient organisation.

Our worldwide team of more than 25,000 specialists focussed on SAP solutions brings a tested methodology for creating value with the “built to evolve” Kinetic Enterprise™—an intelligent, responsive, cloud-enabled organisation powered by a clean core and an inclusive ecosystem of capabilities.

When you work with Deloitte to address the COVID-19 crisis using SAP technologies, you get access to Deloitte’s deep industry-specific experience—which grows daily as we help enterprise leaders across the globe reimagine everything and use SAP solutions to solve complex business challenges.

Move forward with confidence

If pivoting faster to address disruption is a priority for your organisation, we should talk. Contact us to learn how we can help you make an impact with SAP solutions and effectively address COVID-19-related challenges as well as future waves of disruption.

Building the brand in a time of crisis

Even before the COVID-19 crisis, many consumers might have lacked trust in some of the brands from which they purchased. As organisations across industries look for ways to maintain or grow the profile of their brands, having quick insights can prove key to supporting quick, decisive action that shapes customers’ perspectives.

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Take the pulse of your workforce

Does your workforce have what it needs—both professionally and personally? Qualtrics® Remote Work Pulse and Return to Work Pulse experience management solutions can provide an ongoing “pulse” that delivers timely insights that can help you gauge the workforce perspective on this or future disruptive events.

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Control the cost curve

Organisations around the world are being pushed to reduce costs and work to optimise profitability. To help their organisations respond, recover and thrive, enterprise leaders across industries are prioritising cost and profitability management.

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Generating cash fast

One of the most effective ways to address the need for working capital is to tighten up inefficiencies that, in a perfect world, wouldn’t exist in the first place. The Deloitte Reimagine Platform leverages capabilities such as machine learning to identify optimisation opportunities related to working capital, profitability and cost.

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Rethinking GR/IR clearing

With COVID-19-related challenges causing many businesses to rethink their finance processes, they can focus on SAP® GR/IR clearing to help boost process efficiency and significantly reduce the need for manual coordination across different parts of the organisation.

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Supporting continuity of essential finance processes

As organisations seek ways to address COVID-19-related challenges, many of them are turning their attention to capabilities that can improve the continuity of critical path finance activities and keep the finance function running smoothly.

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Take control of the period-end close

Seeking to get ahead of issues related to period-end close, many finance leaders are focusing on intelligent automation capabilities and advanced digital tools that can help them respond to COVID-19-related challenges. Explore three key solutions for period-end close and reconciliations.

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Take the reins on revenue

Revenue recognition and reporting during the COVID-19 crisis is even more challenging than usual. SAP® Revenue Accounting and Reporting can help address staff shortages and other crisis-specific issues by taking in all information and presenting reports based on local-country regulation.

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Delivering better supply chain outcomes with enhanced supplier collaboration

Imprecision in a supply chain breeds unnecessary risk and cost. Anticipating and preventing these disruptions involves visibility and co-ordination across the supply chain and among trading partners—to help get sellers and buyers on the same page.

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Integrating the multi-channel workforce

For healthcare, retail, construction, transportation services, and manufacturing organisations, especially, the need for workforce agility has become essential for building business continuity and mitigating risks. But as these organisations integrate modern talent networks into their procurement environments, they should ensure that contingent labour and services align with health, safety and regulatory compliance goals.

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Knowing your contingent workforce and risks better

Greater visibility into labour, safety controls and cost management can help ensure business continuity and greater agility when it comes to addressing risk. And the need applies to all industries—especially healthcare,manufacturing, retail, construction, transportation and service businesses.

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Know where risk lives in your supply chain

Globalised supply chains require greater transparency from their suppliers and more effective risk management. With SAP® technologies, you can enable insights-driven capabilities to assess the impact COVID-19 is having on your suppliers.

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Managing supplier relationships to help optimise cash

In the fast-changing market conditions that the crisis is shaping, the need to manage cash is more pressing than ever, but the ability to secure it is strained by stressed supply chains, cratering demand, or record fulfillment needs. Discover dynamic tools for finding better payment terms and new opportunities.

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Matching demand to sources of supply

Many traditionally known sources of supply across the globe have been severely impacted by challenges related to the COVID-19 crisis, forcing many businesses to reassess risk and overhaul the supply chain. As companies continuously try to innovate—to help their businesses recover and thrive—it becomes increasingly important to have a resilient supply chain.

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Forecasting in times of extreme uncertainty

Economic and market volatility is causing organisations to revise or retract their financial forecasts. Precisionview™ is designed to improve financial insights to support business and investment decision-making in rapidly changing market conditions.

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Getting ahead of supply chain disruption

Business planning capabilities are being put to the test in every industry today. As supply chain disruption becomes a growing reality for many organizations, having a more integrated and responsive business planning solution will become essential.

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Rapidly retooling manufacturing capabilities

As big and small players alike seek ways to retool manufacturing in the time of COVID-19, many are discovering that moving forward with confidence involves cloud systems and a solid set of digital core business processes.

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Step up fulfillment to meet heightened needs

Supply chain vulnerabilities that may once have lurked just out of view have been exposed by the COVID-19 crisis. Deloitte’s portfolio solutions for dynamic fulfilment work together to create flexibility and support supply chain disruptions.

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